How Gifted Students Benefit From Online Learning

Learning online is one of the best ways to give gifted students the ability to soar. For students who are driven, curious, and tired of the distractions of a traditional classroom, Excel High School’s online programs are an easy choice. Our programs can provide either a faster pace or more advanced courses, leaving students with the opportunity to pursue other interests or even graduate early and move on to their post-secondary education.

Self-paced Programs

Our programs are all self-paced, meaning that students can move through their classes at whatever pace suits them. As long as they have completed all of their coursework and have been enrolled in a class for at least 60 days, high school students are allowed to take their final exams. If your student is one who excels when given the reigns of their academics, our online program can help them move more quickly through each grade level. Once all courses are completed and tuition is paid in full, students can even move on to the next grade level. This means that your gifted child can graduate early or even start taking some college level courses while in high school, better preparing them for college.

If your gifted student wants to graduate early, then either our full-time Standard or Honors High School diploma would be the best choice for them. They can work through their classes without having to worry about the classroom distractions and busy work of a traditional public school. No more waiting 15 minutes for attendance to be taken and then another 10 minutes while other kids purposely disrupt their learning environment. Your student can be as diligent as they want, complete as many assignments as they want, and finish is as few as 2-3 months if they’re willing to put in the effort.

Advanced Courses

For students who want even more of a challenge, the Advanced Placement program might be the better choice. Although these courses generally take a longer amount of time to complete, motivated students can still complete them at their own pace. This means that if you have a student who can’t seem to find enough challenge in their traditional classrooms, our AP Program can help push them to their full academic potential. After completing our AP courses, your student will be ready to take the College Board’s AP exam for each Advanced Placement class they take.

This program can be highly worthwhile since many colleges and universities will give your student college credits for passing their AP exams. In other words, even though your student might not be able to move through the coursework as quickly as through the Standard or Honors programs, the time and efforts are worth it because they could be saving time and money in their post-secondary education.

Tutoring Available

If you’re worried about helping your students with any of their advanced courses through Excel High School, you can put those worries aside! We offer unlimited online tutoring through Train the Brain. As long as your students has access to the internet, they have access to highly qualified subject-area experts. Students set up, confirm, and show up for their tutoring sessions online.

They get to choose the tutor who best suits their academic needs and schedule, and they don’t have to go to a specific tutoring location to get the assistance they need. If your family is taking advantage of our flexible online program and is travelling while your students work on their schooling, they still have a tutor available online. This is a great advantage to enrolling your students into one of our programs.

Expanded Interests

Some online programs offer the core classes and only a few electives. At Excel, we have made it our goal to offer a unique set of elective courses so that everyone can find something that interests them. Gifted students especially have found our many STEM Courses to be an eye-opening peek into the careers they might want to explore in the future. Here are some of the STEM courses we currently offer:

Additionally, we offer a variety of other courses that can provide the opportunity to expand your student’s interests including course such as those below:

One of the most unique courses that Excel offers is our online Private Pilot Training course through Pilot Institute, one of America’s premier flight schools offering private pilot and drone pilot training online. Students 15 years old and over can earn high school credits while learning the background information necessary to pass the FAA Private Pilot Airplane (PAR) Knowledge Test. This four-semester course is a great opportunity for gifted students who are wanting to expand their knowledge beyond the traditional scope of coursework and fly beyond the horizon!

It's important to keep your gifted child engaged while still preparing them for their post-secondary experiences. Excel High School has different programs to suit your student’s needs. Ready to Enroll? It’s easy to enroll online, or if you have any questions, you can call (800) 620-3844 or text 952-465-3700 to get started right away.

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