Introducing the First Online Private Pilot Training in the United States

Excel High School has helped students soar to new heights for years, but now, we’re launching our students into the sky with online private pilot training. And if you’ve never heard of online flight training in the US, you’re not alone – it didn’t exist.

We’re excited to be the first online school to offer flight training.

Take Online Flight Training AND Earn High School Credits

Flight training isn’t easy – it’s intense. We knew that when we opened up this elective option, it couldn’t be a one-semester course. Students have to commit to a four-semester course to obtain the knowledge they’ll need to:

  • Pass the FFA’s Private Pilot Airplane Knowledge Test and
  • Go from beginner to private pilot.

Comprehensive online flight training enables you to prepare for the FAA exams. But you don’t need previous experience.

We’ve developed the course to move students interested in flight training from curiosity to a private pilot. The entire course is self-paced, so students immersed in their flight training will have the opportunity to complete the course material quickly.

To guarantee mastery of subject matter, students can review the class material and videos as often as they like to make sure the subject matter sticks.

We’ve partnered with Pilot Institute to offer our training.

Who is Pilot Institute?

Pilot Institute is a premier flight school that aims to help curious students over the age of 15 enter the skies as private pilots. The world needs pilots. A 12,000-pilot shortage is expected by 2023.

Together, we’re teaching students how to become private pilots and opening doors to a career that pays as much as $147,000 per year.

What You’ll Learn in Your Online Private Pilot Training

We aim to make learning accessible to everyone, and we’ve maintained this goal in our private pilot training, too. Instead of overwhelming students, we’ve broken the course curriculum down into five logical sections:

  1. An introduction to flight training and insights from a 15-year veteran. Students are introduced to picking a flight school, flight instruments, aircraft systems, and structures.
  2. Basic aerodynamic information, such as aircraft performance and limitations, weight, balance, and other pertinent information.
  3. In-depth information, much of it found on the FAA exam, including information on regulations, decision making, inspections, documents, and more.
  4. An in-depth section that revolves around weather theory and services, radio communications, and airport operations.
  5. The final section provides an intense curriculum covering charts, navigation, airspace, flight, and cross-country planning.

Our approach is different than in-school training. We want the material to “stick” for our students, and the best way to retain information is to master it.

How do you master online private pilot training?

You go beyond the basics and master the “why” behind the material. We break all the class videos into 5-minute segments or shorter to increase the chances of the material sticking

As the first online flight training school in the United States, we’re happy to invite you and your children to join our course. We’ll help every student master their online flight training so that they can pass their FAA exam. If you live in Southwestern Virginia, you can complete flight training at Safe Flight Aviation.

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