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Writing assignments, including, but not limited to: essays, case studies, and multimedia projects, are submitted to AI (Artificial Intelligence) detection, in addition to existing plagiarism detection. We are committed to helping all our students learn to properly paraphrase, reword, and cite sources so that they are prepared for both today’s workplace and the quickly changing workplace of the future. Excel High School is committed to helping students develop strong writing skills.

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Excel Education Systems AI (Artificial Intelligence) Policy ChatGPT/Bard 

Historical Timeline of Modern-Day Computers

  • 1930s – The first computers were designed to simply help people with numeric calculations.
  • 1940s – Computers helped code breakers during World War II and other military functions.
  • 1950s – Computers began to be used for business purposes
  • 1960s – Computers began to be used in education
  • 1970s – Microprocessor invented and personal computer revolution begins
  • 1980s – Microsoft and Apple revolutionize personal computing around the world
  • 1990s – World Wide Web – connecting the world
  • 2000s – Computers in your hands – iPhone and Android introduced
  • 2010s – “Smart” Devices, movie streaming, and virtual reality headsets

November 2022

In our lifetimes, we have seen many new technological innovations that have changed our lives, many of which, we cannot imagine living without. Computers and technology are now used in nearly every area of society in one way or another. Since the 1940s, visionaries have been predicting that eventually, machines (computers) would be able to learn, also called Artificial Intelligence or AI. In November 2022, Open AI’s ChatGPT was made available to the public for the first time, and like the events on the timeline above, it too changed the world.

“Improving Lives Through Education and Innovation”        

Excel Education Systems (EES), is an EdTech (Education Technology) company that also owns and operates accredited middle and high schools as well as an accredited college. This unique position of designing innovative software and systems in order to best educate our students, is what separates EES from other organizations. Our #1 priority has been and will always be providing every possible tool and resource to our students in order to help them be successful and move onto the next step in their educational or occupational journey.

Commitment to Standards and Academic Integrity

The reason that Excel Education Systems, and its schools, are accredited, is because the organization is committed to meeting the rigorous standards set forth by our accrediting partners at Cognia and Middle States Association, as well as upholding the highest levels of academic integrity as possible. In going through the accreditation process with both agencies, EES has successfully proven that standards are being met and academic integrity is being upheld. A major part of reasonably ensuring academic integrity is that all written assignments, including, but not limited to: essays, case studies, and multimedia projects will be submitted to AI (Artificial Intelligence) detection, in addition to the already existing plagiarism detection.

Additionally, EES is committed to helping our students learn to be effective writers. No matter where our students get their content from, we want them to continue to think critically, and learn to paraphrase and cite sources correctly when they write. EES teachers and staff have provided all the necessary tools and resources to our students to learn these important skills. We have created an entire Writing Lab with dozens of excellent videos to help our students become effective writers.

EES and AI

Schools and educators around the world are trying to determine their response to the sudden rise of Artificial Intelligence and its impact on education. Each school and educational setting is different and will respond in their own way. At EES, we acknowledge that AI is not, and likely never will be, perfect, but it is here today, and it has changed everything in education – from how content can be created, to how assignments can be graded, and a thousand other ways.

At Excel Education Systems, we are committed to exploring the use of AI to help our students learn and to help our teachers more effectively teach. While some school districts have banned AI, EES will be leaning into the challenge of how to use this new technology to improve peoples’ lives. Just as computers have changed how society operates, we believe AI will do the same, but over much less time. In 3-5 years (maybe sooner), our current students will be working in career fields that almost certainly will be using some sort of Artificial Intelligence. So, instead of banning AI, or pretending that it doesn’t exist, EES will be finding ways to embrace and incorporate AI to better educate our students and prepare them for the workplaces of the future.

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