Medical Elective Classes Available From Excel

The medical field is vast and dynamic, ever-evolving with the advancements of technology, research, and the needs of global populations. For students with an innate curiosity and a passion for healthcare, diving into medical studies during high school can be the launching pad for a fruitful career. Excel High School is dedicated to providing students with a head start by offering specialized medical electives tailored for tomorrow’s medical professionals.

From understanding the immediate actions of emergency responders to the intricate genetic manipulations in biotechnology, our electives offer a comprehensive glimpse into the diverse sectors of medicine. Whether you’re contemplating a future in patient care, medical technology, or sports rehabilitation, our courses will equip you with foundational knowledge, preparing you for advanced studies and professional pursuits.

Emergency Medical Responder: First Responders in Action

Designed to provide an exhaustive overview of the emergency medical services system, the Emergency Medical Responder elective course focuses on the crucial responsibilities of emergency medical responders. From mastering the art of patient assessment to understanding the critical importance of CPR and AED use, this course provides a thorough overview of essential emergency care.

Key Takeaways:

  • • Identifying human body systems and functions
  • • Conducting patient assessments
  • • Recognizing signs and symptoms of EMS emergencies
  • • Understanding key responsibilities such as oxygen therapy

Journey Through Genetics with Biotechnology

Experience the awe of genetic manipulation with our Biotechnology elective course. Dive deep into microbiology, human genetics, and the ethical discussions surrounding biotechnological advancements. Whether it’s understanding the intricacies of DNA/RNA or analyzing the societal impact of healthcare innovations, this course is a gateway to modern medical wonders.

Key Highlights:

  • • DNA, RNA, and chromosome functions
  • • Real-world biotechnological applications
  • • Controversies in biotech-related ethical issues
  • • Genetic engineering in agriculture

Nursing: More Than Just Patient Care

Embark on a journey into the compassionate world of nursing with this in-depth and comprehensive course. From tracing the deep-seated historic roots of nursing to diving into the vast myriad of nursing careers and their significance, students will garner an expansive and panoramic view of this ever-evolving and essential field, positioning them to better appreciate the pivotal role nurses play in healthcare and society.

Key Aspects Covered:

  • • Evolution of the nursing profession
  • • Current healthcare system insights
  • • Different nursing career paths
  • • Ethical and legal nuances in nursing

Decoding Human Behavior: An Introduction to Psychology

Embark on a journey into the mind with our Psychology elective course. Students will delve deep into the intricate labyrinth of human behavior, gain profound insights into cognitive development, and acquire a comprehensive understanding of various psychological concepts. This rich knowledge foundation will empower them to navigate interpersonal relationships, societal norms, and the myriad facets of the human psyche with discernment and empathy.

Major Learning Points:

  • • Schools of psychological thought
  • • Biological and psychological influences on behavior
  • • Sensation vs. perception
  • • Environmental impacts on personality

Sports Medicine: Beyond the Game

Delve into the intricate intersection of sports and medicine with our comprehensive Sports Medicine elective course. Tailored for students aspiring towards a career in athletic training, physical therapy, or sports-related healthcare, this course meticulously unveils the underlying science behind injury prevention, effective rehabilitation methods, and the best exercise techniques to ensure optimal performance and safety.

Crucial Learning Outcomes:

  • • Careers in the sports medicine field
  • • Understanding joint health and repetitive motion impacts
  • • Rehabilitation theories
  • • Physiological measurements like heart rate & BMI

In the evolving landscape of healthcare, there’s no better time than now for students to immerse themselves in medical studies. The skills and knowledge gained from these electives not only offer a competitive edge for college applications but also lay a robust foundation for future medical pursuits.

Excel High School recognizes the significance of early specialization and is proud to offer these meticulously curated courses. As the world continues to face new health challenges, there will always be a need for passionate, knowledgeable, and skilled professionals to address them. With our medical electives, students are one step closer to becoming the next generation of medical trailblazers. If you are interested in medical classes, we invite you to explore our full course list. If you have questions or need additional information, you can reach us via text at 952-465-3700 or call us at 800-620-3844. We’re committed to helping you navigate your unique educational path.

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