Navigating The Numbers: High School Math Classes at Excel

From basic arithmetic to complex calculus, mathematics is a subject that permeates every aspect of our daily lives. Whether you’re balancing a budget, measuring ingredients for a recipe, or solving real-world problems in science and engineering, math is an essential tool. At Excel High School, we understand the significance of a strong mathematical foundation, which is why we offer a broad spectrum of courses to meet the diverse needs of our students.

Basic Foundations: Starting with the Essentials

For those who may feel daunted by complex mathematical theories or haven’t had much exposure to math in the past, fear not. Excel High School offers courses tailored to those who prefer a more grounded, practical approach to mathematics. These courses provide a gentle introduction, ensuring that even those who’ve previously been apprehensive about math can find confidence and value in their learning journey.

  • Consumer Math
    Tailored for those looking to grasp everyday mathematical concepts, Consumer Math focuses on skills like budgeting, understanding interest rates, and making informed financial decisions. Perfect for students aiming for real-world applications of math.

  • Math Models & Applications
    Dive into various mathematical models and their applications in real-world scenarios. This course offers a practical approach, ideal for students who appreciate seeing the tangible impacts of mathematical concepts.

  • Integrated Algebra
    A stepping stone into the world of algebra, this course lays down the basics. Students will learn about variables, equations, and how to solve them, setting a strong foundation for advanced algebra courses.

Standard High School Math Classes from Excel

Excel High School’s foundational math courses provide students with a solid footing in the vast world of high school mathematics. Designed to cater to diverse learning styles, these courses not only lay the groundwork for further studies but also nurture analytical thinking and problem-solving abilities. With a focus on real-world applications and conceptual understanding, we invite students to embark on this mathematical journey and explore these essential courses.

  • Algebra I
    Explore linear equations, inequalities, and delve deeper into algebraic structures. A fundamental course that paves the way for more advanced mathematical explorations.

  • Geometry
    Beyond just shapes and angles, Geometry at Excel introduces students to theorems, proofs, and the logic behind the spatial world. It’s an engaging exploration of the space around us.

  • Algebra II
    Building on the basics, this course introduces complex numbers, polynomial functions, and more, rounding off the algebraic education.

  • Pre-Calculus
    Pre-Calculus at Excel bridges the foundational knowledge of algebra and geometry to the complexities of calculus. Students delve into functions, limits, and sequences, preparing them for the rigorous world of calculus and advanced mathematical studies.

Honors High School Math Classes from Excel

For those who revel in mastering mathematical concepts and seek an avenue to push their limits, Excel High School’s Honors courses provide an enriching journey. These advanced classes are meticulously curated to challenge bright minds and nurture their passion for mathematics, all while laying a robust foundation for college-level studies. Each course is designed with the precision and depth needed to foster critical thinking and analytical prowess.

  • Algebra I Honors
    For students who found Algebra I invigorating and seek an added challenge. Dive deeper, solve more intricate problems, and be prepared for collegiate-level math.

  • Geometry Honors
    Delve into advanced geometrical concepts, from intricate theorems to challenging proofs. Perfect for students passionate about spatial reasoning.

  • Algebra II Honors
    Explore algebraic concepts at a higher level, from quadratic functions to logarithmic expressions. Tailored for those looking to challenge themselves.

  • Pre-Calculus Honors
    A precursor to college-level calculus, this course delves into advanced algebra, trigonometry, and the beginnings of calculus.

Preparing for College: Advanced Placement Courses

Stepping into the pinnacle of high school math offerings, the Advanced Placement (AP) courses at Excel High School are crafted for students with an eye on prestigious college programs and demanding careers. These rigorous courses not only offer college-level content but also the opportunity to earn college credits, setting students on a trajectory for academic excellence in higher education.

  • AP Statistics
    Engage in collecting, analyzing, and drawing conclusions from data. An excellent choice for students considering a career in data science, economics, or any field requiring statistical analysis.

  • AP Calculus AB
    Delve into limits, derivatives, and integrals. A must for students considering majors in science, technology, engineering, or mathematics in college.

In Conclusion

Excel High School offers a comprehensive mathematical education, ensuring students are well-equipped, whether they’re heading to college, entering the workforce, or simply seeking to understand the world better. With a range from basic to advanced courses, every student can find their fit and challenge their limits.

Our math curriculum offers students a diverse range of options. Explore our full course list to find the right fit for you. For questions or additional information, reach out via text at 952-465-3700 or call 800-620-3844. We’re here to guide you through your educational journey.

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