Don’t get a Fake High School Diploma

In today's digital age, the promise of acquiring a degree quickly and without much effort can be alluring. However, every day, individuals are deceived into obtaining fake high school diplomas and sham GED credentials. Falling into this trap not only costs money but can jeopardize future educational and professional prospects.

The convenience of online learning has revolutionized education, offering flexibility and personalized experiences. But with this convenience comes the challenge of discerning legitimate opportunities from scams. As the demand for online education grows, so do the number of unscrupulous entities ready to capitalize on unsuspecting learners. The allure of shortcuts and quick certifications can sometimes overshadow the importance of genuine education, leading many down a path of regret and frustration. It's crucial for prospective students to be equipped with the knowledge to differentiate between genuine institutions and deceitful diploma mills.

How to Spot a Fake Online High School

  1. 1. Too Good to Be True: If an offer seems too easy or too quick, it's probably not legitimate.
  2. 2. Lack of Proper Accreditation: Genuine online schools will be accredited by recognized agencies.
  3. 3. Vague Contact Details: If it's challenging to find a physical address or legitimate contact details, it's a warning sign.
  4. 4. High Pressure Sales Tactics: Diploma mills often pressure students to decide quickly, without giving them time to verify details.

Suspected Fraudulent Institutions

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  • Aberdeen Academy

  • Dalloway High School Online

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  • Aspen Heights High School

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  • Heritage Westen High School

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  • Columbia Northern High School

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  • Paramont High School Online

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  • Aspire Online High School

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  • Glaciar Online High School

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The Value of Genuine Accreditation

Accreditation is a seal of quality assurance. When a school, like Excel High School, holds regional accreditation, it signifies a commitment to maintaining high educational standards.

Excel High School is proudly regionally accredited by AdvancED and the North Central Association CASI. This recognition ensures that diplomas from Excel are accepted by prestigious colleges, universities, and employers, both nationally and internationally.

Being accredited by recognized agencies means Excel High School has undergone rigorous evaluations to ensure it meets or exceeds set standards for education quality. This is something fake online high schools cannot provide.

What About The GED?

When considering the debate of 'high school diploma vs GED', employers often show a preference. A high school diploma is not only an indication of academic learning but also reflects a student's dedication, resilience, and commitment to a structured educational path. While a GED certifies academic proficiency, a high school diploma offers a broader context of consistent educational experience. As a result, many employers tend to value the comprehensive foundation of a high school diploma more favorably.

The Real Worth of a Legitimate High School Diploma

The genuine value of a high school diploma isn't just in the paper itself but in the journey towards it. The skills learned, the knowledge acquired, and the character developed during those years are irreplaceable.

A legitimate diploma serves as a testament to your dedication, discipline, and commitment to personal growth. It opens doors to further education and employment opportunities. Most importantly, it's a foundation upon which you can build a successful future.

In Conclusion

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It's crucial to stay informed and make well-researched decisions when it comes to your education. A genuine high school diploma is an investment in your future. Don't let fake online high schools and diploma mills deter you from realizing your full potential.

Excel High School is an accredited online school that offers high school aged students and adults who want to earn their high school diploma a fully online, flexible, and self-paced program that fits around their schedules, with a support team to help them along the way. If you’re not already a student with Excel High School but would like to learn more, feel free to check out our programs. Still have questions? Feel free to reach out to us by text at 952-465-3700 or call us at 800-620-3844. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and guide you to the best program for your individual needs.

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