List of Fake Online High Schools & Fake Online GED Programs

Be cautious of fake online high schools and GED programs. Only those institutions holding State or US Department of Education Recognized Accreditation are deemed credible. Any institution not holding such accreditation is viewed as unaccredited.

Alert: If you possess a diploma from the online institutions listed below, you may be a victim of a scam. Please reach out to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and the Attorney General of Arizona. These institutions violate both State and Federal Laws, including sections 15 U.S.C. §§ 41-58 and Section 5(a) of the FTC Act, 15 U.S.C. § 45(a), which forbid unfair or deceptive commercial acts or practices.

Suspected Fraudulent Institutions

  • West Madison Falls High School

    highschooldiplomaonline net

  • Aberdeen Academy

  • Dalloway High School Online

    highschooldiploma org

  • Aspen Heights High School

    fasthighschooldiplomaonline com

  • Heritage Westen High School

    highschooldiplomaonlinecourse com

  • Columbia Northern High School

    onlinehighschooldiplomaprogram com

  • Paramont High School Online

    highschooldiplomaonlinefree com

  • Aspire Online High School

    onlinehighschooldiploma net

  • Glaciar Online High School

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  • Gold Leaf Academy

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The schools listed above are currently under legal scrutiny by the FTC. For more details on the lawsuit, visit the official FTC website. You can also view the press release and the related lawsuits here and here.

Excel High School is at the forefront in combating these fraudulent activities. Teaming up with a coalition of accredited institutions, we aim to aid victims of these scams. We facilitate the process of lodging verified complaints with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the Attorney General, and the US Federal Trade Commission. Our mission is to ensure that victims get rightful redress and these deceptive diploma mills are permanently closed. Moreover, we provide genuine assistance for victims to earn a recognized, accredited high school diploma.

For a legitimate educational experience and a credential that holds significant value, it's essential to opt for a high school diploma over a GED. Seek high schools holding Regional accreditation from a State Department of Education recognized accrediting agency. Excel High School, for instance, is accredited by AdvancED, which encompasses The North Central Association CASI, The Northwest Accreditation Commission (NWAC), and Southern Association of Schools and Colleges CASI. To verify any school's accreditation, consult the International Registry for Accreditation.

Important Notes:

  • • As of August 31st, 2023, no online institutions offer an accredited equivalency program or high school diploma via an exit exam. Genuine, accredited high school diplomas necessitate several months or years of comprehensive coursework.
  • • Only accreditation agencies recognized by are deemed legitimate by colleges and employers.

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** Schools found below are not accredited and are typically not accepted by colleges/employers.

List updated in October 2023 - Online High School Review - Online High School Scam

For more information about unaccredited high schools, check out the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, or your state Attorney General's office.

(UPDATED October 2023)


(You can search the table below to see if a school you are considering is included.)

School NameSchool Name
Aberdeen High SchoolAdison High School
Alford High SchoolAspen Heights High School Academy
Aspire High SchoolAuburn Canyon High School
Beacon Falls High SchoolBelford High School
Brooksville High SchoolBussville High School
Continental AcademyCambell State University
Capitol High SchoolChristian Kingdom Academy
Columbia Northern High SchoolColumbia North High School
Corllins UniversityCornerstone Christian High School
Country High SchoolCrystal Canyon Academy
Dalloway SchoolDalloway High School
Edison High SchoolEdward High School
Foster City High SchoolFortville High School
Garrison Global AcademyGlacier High School
Headway UniversityHeritage West High School
Hill UniversityI. Jean Cooper Private School Scam
Jefferson High SchoolKennedy High School
KokoPelli Online High SchoolLincoln Academy Online High School
Lorenz UniversityMary Grand High School
Marwin High SchoolMarque Learning Center
Mayflower High SchoolMcford Univrsity
Mcford High SchoolMcHill High School
Merto High SchoolMidwest High School
Missionary ChapelMust High School
Nation High SchoolNorth Cleveland High School
Northern Port UniversityPacific High School
Panworld UniversityPalm Valley High School
Penford High SchoolRemington High School
Rochville High SchoolRoosevelt High School
Sanford High SchoolStenford High School
Silverstone AcademySouth Bristol High School
South Brook AcademySouth East High School
Southwest Home School AcademyStanberry Home High School
Standford Online High SchoolStanley High School
Stratford Career InstituteSunfield High School
Titan High SchoolUnited Christian Home School
Victorville High SchoolWest Madison Falls High School
Western Valley Advanced UniversityWilson State University
Winford High SchoolWoodfield High School

Need to add a fake school to the list? Give us a call at 952-465-3700 and we will research the matter and add any unaccredited scam online high schools to the list.

This list is created and provided by a consortium of Regionally Accredited online schools and colleges to raise public awareness concerning fake and scam schools. Don't become a victim. Do your research before selecting an online high school and check with your State Department of Education and the Better Business Bureau.

Fake High Schools Recently Shut Down and Sued by the State and US Government:


Federal Trade Commission
US Department of Education

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