Browser Certificate Installation

For adding Payment Portal Certificates
We have been reported by many students and parents that our Payment Portal does not process their payments properly. After careful investigation we came to the clue that some browsers certificates' checking will cause the unsuccessful payment.

To avoid any inconvenient result, we prepared this page for you. You need to install Link Point Central certificate in your browser before any attempt to use our payment portal.

There are some simple steps that you need to follow for installing our Payment Portal certificate in your browser. We have been prepared two different easy options for you which you can choose either one.

Option 1:

Step 1:

Click to Download Link Point Central Certificate File and select the "Open" button instead of "Save".

Step 2:

You should see the "Certificate Installation Window". Follow on to Option 2, Step 5 for installing the certificate to the end.

Option 2:

Step 1:

Open in a new browser page.

Step 2:

Your browser gives you a certificate error message like you see in below picture. Press on "Continue to this web site (not recommended)." Link.

Step 3:

You will go to the site, but, you see a Certificate Error window next to address bar of your browser. Click on "Certificate Error" window as you see in below picture.

Step 4:

The certificate window opens like the following picture. Click on "View Certificates" link.

Step 5:

From this window, click "Install Certificate" button.

Step 6:

Click "Next" Button.

Step 7:

Click "Next" Button again. The location of certificate should be automatically selected by Windows as you can see in below picture.

Step 8:

Click "Finish" Button.

Step 9:

You will get a Security Warning for this Certificate and you should click on "Yes" Button to finish your installation properly.

Step 10:

If everything is done successfully you will see below message in a new window. Click "OK" button.

Step 11: (Verification)

To verify your installation, re-open the link in a new browser window. You should see a "Lock Icon" next to address bar instead of "Certificate Error shield" (in Step 3). Unless you do not see this Lock Icon below, your certificate installation is not completed.