Why Can’t I Get My GED Online

You can do just about anything online these days.  You can shop, watch movies, invest in stock, video chat with people around the world, and take college level classes.

It’s pretty amazing.

And with each passing day, it seems there’s something new to do.  But for all the abilities the internet has, there are a few things you cannot do.

Like earn your GED.

It’s not possible.  There are websites out there that will say otherwise.  They’ll take your money, have you take an actual test, and issue you a certificate.  Sadly, that piece of paper is worth nothing.

You Cannot Earn Your GED Online

Legally speaking, it can’t be done.  GED testing is handled by an official organization in partnership with the American Council on Education.  They set the standards, create the test, and determine whether a person passes or fails.

In order to take a GED test, a person must go to an official GED testing center.  There are loads of them across the country.  Test takers come at a set time where they are issued the test and observed by a proctor.

Why Can’t I Take the GED Online?

For the same reason you can’t take the ACT, SAT, or drivers license exam online:  They are not offered from the test creators, nor are they purposed for online delivery or management.

A GED certificate is a mark of prominence showing that you have a high school equivalent education.  It can help you to get a job.  It can get you into college.  It’s something a person has to legitimately earn.

No shortcuts.

No cheating.

By having the tests at designated locations and observed by a designated official, the chances of a person cheating are reduced to almost zero.  This is all for your own good.  It makes your GED worth more in the eyes of society.

What You Can Do

You can take practice tests online.  The GED test costs time and money.  Why not pass the first time around?  Not only can you practice and prepare online, but doing so is typically free!

In fact we have GED prep here at Excel.  Just visit the main page, and we can get you going. If you have decided that you would rather earn a high school diploma and leave the GED behind, then consider EHS for your online education partner. You can earn both an accredited high school diploma or college degree online.

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