Online High School Diploma Done Right

Online High School Diploma Done Right.

Are you trying to find a new job or pursue a college education, but lack a high school diploma or a GED credential? Maybe you have thought a high school diploma was out of reach? We hear it all of the time. Adult students call and say they have been out of school for 5-10+ years and they don’t think it is still possible to earn an accredited high school diploma. The fact is that it’s not too late to earn a high school diploma. Adult students are able to transfer their previous credits to Excel and complete the remaining credits to graduate from high school from home.

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Excel High School offers a faster pathway to complete high school online, with self-paced, online high school courses. The counseling staff at Excel High School will work with adult students to identify past credits earned and determine how quickly students are able to graduate. Students that have a majority of their high school credits can often complete their last 5-6 courses online within 3-6 months. Likewise, if you have very few credits, it could take you 12-18+ months to graduate.

There are some good ways to earn an accredited high school diploma online. There are also some not so good ways. Buying a high school diploma based on life experience, or getting a diploma based on passing a short online test is not a good way to get a high school diploma. Why? Because there is only one way to earn a real (department of education) recognized high school diploma. And that is by taking the required courses to graduate. Excel High School requires the following credits to graduate. English I, II, III, IV(4-years) Science (4-years) , Math (4-years) and Social Studies (4-years).Excel High School also requires a minimum of 5 full elective credits in addition to the required core courses.

Earning a legitimate high school diploma requires earning enough credits to graduate. A standard high school diploma requires 21.5 credits, and a college prep diploma requires 24-credits. Students are required to complete the necessary courses to earn the required credits for graduation. Don’t fall victim to any fake high school diploma schemes. Put in the time and effort and get a real high school diploma. Transfer your credits, complete the required courses online and get a real high school diploma from a Regionally accredited high school diploma.

Excel High School maintains a list of Fake Online High School and Fake GED sites. (Click Here)

Most adult students returning to high school take 5-6 online courses per semester. Attending high school online is similar to having a part time job. A good level of commitment is required to complete the courses required to graduate. It is very beneficial for students to plan their study schedule. You will find that planning time to complete your coursework will help you progress in your online courses. Like with anything, the more time one devotes to their online studies, the faster they will complete their online courses. Students that dedicate the time and put in the effort, usually find that they complete a bit faster than they originally thought. There is just no way to get a real high school diploma in a few days. You must put in the time and complete the required courses to earn a department of education recognized high school diploma that will be 100% accepted by colleges and employers.

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