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You’re not alone if you’re learning English but you’re not sure what you can do to quickly boost your language skills. In 2019, the U.S. Department of Education reported that around 5.1 million students were English learners, and the U.S. Census Bureau reported in the same year that about 1 in 5 people speak a second language at home. That means that up to 68 million people in the U.S. speak English as their second language while they speak another language as their primary. 

On top of that data, you can find yourself in good company knowing that around half of the global community is bilingual. You’re clearly not alone on your path to learning a new language. 

The trouble is that learning English as a second language can be difficult, especially since English includes plenty of language rules that are broken. The spelling of English words often doesn’t match the pronunciation, and in general, the language is full of contradictions. However, experts say that repeated exposure to English is the best way to more quickly learn the language. 

One way that any English language learner can improve their language skills is to study with a flexible online high school diploma program like the ELL program offered by Excel High School. The bonus of a program like this is that you can earn an accredited U.S. high school diploma recognized by all U.S. jobs and colleges, but what are the other benefits of enrolling in an online ELL high school diploma program?

Dual Language Instruction

An additional benefit of earning a high school diploma using Excel High School’s online program is that every course offered through EHS is written in English but can be translated quickly and easily into your primary language. In other words, you can study in either English or your primary language and switch back and forth to check your skills and understanding. 

This allows you to challenge yourself to read the content of each course in English first and then switch to a translated version in order to check your understanding. If you try that, but you’re struggling with the English version, you can start with your primary language and then read the English version to help add important vocabulary and grammatical structures to your memory.

Because of the dual language options of our courses, students can maintain their original language without losing any aspect of their language, culture, or community connections. You don’t have to give up the core of who you are to earn an accredited high school diploma through Excel.

Academic Achievement

The U.S. Department of Education has found that there are significant achievement gaps for non-English speaking students who aren’t provided adequate English as a Second Language resources. That means that English language learners struggle to pass the courses they are taken when those courses are taught in English only. However, when students have access to coursework in their primary language, they are far more successful. That’s good news for EHS students who have access to courses in their primary languages.

In fact, individuals who speak multiple languages prove to have additional advantages, too. People who study additional languages end up having a higher level of problem solving skills than those who are not multilingual. On top of problem solving skills, learning an additional language improves individuals’ memories and actually improves students’ academic performances across the board. In other words, students who are learning a new language tend to achieve more academically than students who stick to their primary language alone. 

Future Employment Opportunities

Finally, if you haven’t already earned an accredited U.S. high school diploma, not only will your language skills improve, but doing so can significantly improve your future. Not only does earning your high school diploma demonstrate to future employers that you have a proficient level of English language skills, but it also proves that you can see difficult tasks through to the end.  

Holding an accredited U.S. diploma provides you with opportunity to earn about 40% more than someone who doesn’t have their diploma. That’s a big increase in income, so when you weigh the minimal cost of earning your diploma to the long-term income gain, you can’t deny it’s a bargain.

You’re also far more likely to get a job when you have your diploma. In fact, finishing high school increases your chances of employment by 33% according to U.S. government CareerOneStop data. And since you can earn your diploma from the comfort of your own home on a flexible schedule through Excel High School, the benefits are achievable and realistic.

Learning to speak English more proficiently and achieving the goal of earning your accredited U.S. high school diploma don’t have to be far off goals. Our program offers you the opportunity to do both as you make a bright path for your future.

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