Is Online Education the Future?

There was a time when computer labs were a luxury in schools.

When overhead projectors and chalkboards reigned supreme.  When teachers dealt with students passing notes instead of texting each other.

And there was a time when online education was something only a few people did.  Distance learning, as it was often called, was done for either minor classes, for job training, or for students with issues.

However, much like computer labs, online education is quickly becoming a mainstay in the schooling world.

And It’s Not Slowing Down

Every day, everyone from Forbes to Time is writing about developments in online education as more schools and universities refocus their efforts on the digital world.

The reason why we wanted to talk about this is because there still seems to be this stigma about online school, whether it’s high school or universities.

That it’s only for odd people or poor people or people who weren’t smart enough to get into a real school.

These are all lies made up by elitists who want to feel superior.  We don’t mean to sound harsh.  That’s just how it is.  The truth is, some of the smartest people in the country from schools such as Stanford are desperately pushing for more development in online education.

That’s why they created a website called Coursera which offers college courses from quite a few major universities.

While this a great place to get acquainted with online education and learn about a variety of subjects, sites like Coursera will not earn you a degree or diploma.  However schools like Excel can give you a diploma that’s just as good as any other diploma out there.

With the rapid growth online education is experiencing, a lot of schools are trying to hop on the bandwagon.  But many of these places are just figuring out how to operate.  Excel, on the other hand, has been around since 2006.

We like to think we were a part of online education before it was cool.  That means we know what we’re doing and we are doing it for the right reasons.  So if you’re ready to get past the online education stigma, give us a call or send us an email today.

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