How to Attend Summer School or Credit Recovery Online and Earn High School Credits Online

Students lacking credits to earn their high school degree or move to the next grade level have an option to complete credits online during the summer. In-school options are generally available at your respective school, but there’s a new concern this year: COVID-19.

Online summer school or credit recovery online offers a safe, fast-track way to make up some of these credits while not having to sit in a crowded classroom.

How Online Summer School Works

Registering for school online this summer is easy. Online portals have refined the process and allow for an easy path to recovering credits. The process is straightforward:

  • Look at the course list to ensure that the classes that you need are available
  • View the price list of the online classes because prices depend on courses, standard, AP, honors, California a-g, or college-level classes
  • Register for the class and log into the platform
  • Continue completing your coursework

Students can log into their respective platforms and can start taking classes immediately. You have the option to finish the class within 12-months or less. It is up to the student to choose to finish classes on a traditional schedule or finish faster. Some students take six months to complete a class, while others will complete their class in a matter of 30 days.

Because platforms allow you to log at any time and take your online courses, it’s possible to work in the morning, evening, night, or whenever works best for you. Classes are accredited, so there’s no concern about acceptance the credits for a class that you complete online.

Benefits of Credit Recovery Online

Parents and students that are considering an online program should know that online schooling in recent years has drastically changed. Teachers have learned a lot about teaching their classes online, and with many schools having some form of online classes during the past year, students have also acclimated to learning online.

Some of the benefits of online schooling for students are:

  • Getting started is easy. You can look at your choices and decide to enroll and get started on courses in a matter of hours. There’s not a long wait time if you decide last-minute that credit recovery online is the right choice for you.
  • Credits will transfer. Accreditation in all 50 states means choosing an affordable, online class is a smart choice. With the confidence of being accredited, students do not have to worry that their credits won’t be accepted.
  • Key classes are offered. Students can take a variety of classes in all major subjects, including math, science, history, foreign languages, business, arts, and much more.
  • Work on the classes at any time. The main advantage of online schooling is that students are not restricted to the rigid hours set by the school district. A student can decide to take a class after midnight or in the morning or afternoon. Offering a flexible schedule is a great way to make schooling less stringent while also ensuring students learn responsibility.
  • Complete courses in as little as 30 days. Students work on their own schedule. If a student wants to fast-track their class, they can do so. While you have an entire year to finish a class, a lot of students can complete their coursework in just 30 days.

Online schooling is a great opportunity for students that have a strong Internet connection. If a student is disciplined, they can rapidly make up their credits and enjoy more of their summer. The costs are low (they depend on the level and type of class); students make their own schedule and credits transfer.

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