GED Test Breakdown

Looking to get your GED fast?  The best way to do that is to pass the GED  test the first time you take it.  You can greatly increase your chances by knowing what to expect on the test.

While the questions change from test to test, the format of the GED exam stays the same.  Since we love being a usual resource that empowers people to finish their high school education, we’ve broken down the GED Test for you.

This is what it will look like:

The Breakdown

The GED test consists of five chapters organized in a standardized format.  All tests combined add up to 7 hours and 5 minutes.  Here’s the different sections and the time allotted for each test.

1. Language Arts: Writing

The first section is special in that it’s split into 2 parts, each with their own time period.

Part 1 – 50 Questions. – 75 Minutes

This first part covers sentence structure, word usage, and grammar mechanics.  The test consists of groups of text that must be corrected according to proper grammar rules.

Part 2 – 45 Minutes

This is the essay portion of the test.  Test takers must write an essay on a given topic.   The purpose is to illustrate cohesive ideas while demonstrating an understanding of sentence structure, punctuation, spelling, etc.  Topics are always opinion oriented so that it won’t require specific subject knowledge.

2. Social Studies – 50 Questions – 70 Minutes

Topics covered include American history, world history, civics, and government, economics, and geography.  Test takers can expect to see graphs, excerpts from documents such as the Declaration of Independence, copies of legal documents, and more.

3. Science – 50 Questions – 80 Minutes

This portion covers basic information regarding biology, earth and space science, physics, and chemistry.  Test takers must be able to apply scientific methods and knowledge to a variety of situations.  You can expect to see graphs, charts, diagrams, etc.

Many would say science sections on standardized tests are more about reading and correctly interpreting than actual science and scientific knowledge.  Be ready to quickly process information and respond to it and you should be fine.

4. Language Arts: Reading – 40 Questions – 65 Minutes

This section will test your ability to read, comprehend and interpret.  The test will have five fiction and two non-fiction passages typically around 300-400 words long.  Don’t worry about knowing literature.  Just be ready to read and analyze.

5. Mathematics – 50 Questions – 90 Minutes

This test is actually split into two sections.  In the first section, you are allowed to use a calculator.  During the second portion, you may not.   The areas of math covered are:

  •  Number operations
  • Geometry
  • Statistics
  • Algebra

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Check out the Excel High School website for a full GED Practice Test.  If you’re looking to get your GED online, you’re out of luck.  GED tests must be taken in person at specified GED locations.  If you’re debating between a GED certificate or a high school diploma, we would love to inform you on the differences.  Contact us here for more information.


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