Dropout Prevention for High School Students

Excel High School is the Right Choice for Dropout Prevention.

Let’s face it; all schools and school districts have a drop out problem. When a student leaves high school before achieving graduation, their opportunities for career success and post-secondary education diminishes significantly. When a student leaves your school without graduating, or transferring to another high school, they are coded as a “dropout” and this adversely affects your school’s performance report.

What if there was a way to recover dropouts and get them reengaged in completing an accredited high school diploma program?  For over a decade, Excel High School has been helping students to recover their credits and graduate with an NCA/SACS/NWAC accredited diploma. We feel that dropping out is not an option for any student.

With Excel High School, students complete self-paced high school courses online and in a flexible learning environment, giving students the latitude and encouragement they need to stay engaged their courses, and earn the credits required for graduation. We help to prevent students from being dropouts.

Excel High School partners with schools and school districts nationwide to assist in recovering students who would otherwise leave school prior to high school graduation. Excel High School works with schools, students and their families to design a unique graduation plan and achieve success. Excel High School is incredibly affordable and offers multiple online diploma options to fit students’ needs.

Excel High School courses are based on common core standards. We can help students that are challenged with situations that would otherwise prevent them from graduation, become high school diploma holders. We help students’ pick up where they left off and recover their courses for high school graduation.

If you would like more information about how Excel High School can help recover drop outs, please call us today at 1-800-620-3844.

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