Can I get a GED Online?

Can I get a GED Online?

In today’s world of online high schools, online colleges, and internet based learning; students are excited about the thought of earning a high school diploma or GED online.

Over the years, a high number of Fake Online Schools have surfaced, offering false hopes of a high school or GED credential.  Most of these fake schools operate from Pakistan from the home or garage of an Internet scammer.  We encourage readers to click on the link, and read about one such scam operation.

The truth is that students’ can earn a high school diploma online, or an accredited high school equivalency certificate online, which will help them to get a job and get into college. Students’ must be aware that only Regionally Accredited Online High Schools, such as Excel High School, are widely accepted all over the world. EHS is accredited by the North Central Association, an agency that is recognized both by the State and US Departments of Education. Students can also do GED prep online, to prepare to take the State GED in person.

The reality is that students cannot get a GED online from any high school or college. Students must report in person to challenge the State GED test. There are no current plans for the GED to be offered online.

The number one thing that students must do is to contact their online high school and verify and confirm the school’s accreditation status.  You must be sure that you high school diploma or high school equivalency certificate is legitimately accredited and recognized. The sad reality is that over 90% of all online schools are not properly accredited.

When in doubt about an online high school or online GED program, it is a good idea to check out the Better Business Bureau to investigate the school’s performance. So when you ask yourself, “can I get a GED Online”, the answer is no. You do, however, have online options through Excel High School to earn a high school diploma or Online High School Equivalency certificate. We can help you earn a legitimate credential online that you can use for admissions in your local community college.

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