A Day In The Life Of An Excel High School Student

Picture this: The alarm rings at 7:00 AM, and instead of rushing through breakfast to catch the school bus, you take a leisurely stroll to your desk with a cup of tea in hand. Welcome to a day in the life of an Excel High School student.

A Customizable Schedule

The first thing that distinguishes an Excel High School student’s day is the flexibility of their schedule. As an online high school, Excel offers students the freedom to shape their study hours according to their own rhythms and commitments.

Some students may start their academic work early in the morning when their minds are freshest, while others might prefer to begin in the late morning or early afternoon. There’s also ample time for breaks throughout the day, allowing students to rest, recharge, and pursue hobbies or part-time jobs.

Engaging Online Learning

Once their day begins, Excel High School students log in to their personalized online portal where they have access to their classes, assignments, and various learning resources.

Depending on their course load, students typically spend several hours each day on coursework. This might involve watching instructional videos, reading through textbooks or other course materials, participating in online discussions, or completing assignments and projects.

Interactive Courses

A key part of the Excel experience is the wide range of interactive courses available to students. From STEM subjects like physics and coding, to arts and humanities like literature and history, Excel’s curriculum is as diverse as it is comprehensive. In any given day, students might be diving into an immersive lesson on the Civil War, coding a simple game, or participating in a virtual lab experiment.

Collaboration and Support

While Excel High School students spend much of their time working independently, they’re never alone. Teachers and tutors are readily available for support via email or scheduled video sessions.

Likewise, students are encouraged to engage with their peers through online forums, and virtual study groups. This type of collaborative environment fosters a sense of community, ensuring students can get the social interaction they need while pursuing their studies.

Wrapping Up The Day

As the academic day comes to a close, Excel High School students have the freedom to unwind and pursue their interests. They might use this time to engage in hobbies, spend time with family and friends, or participate in a part-time job or volunteer work.

Regardless of how they choose to spend their free time, one thing is certain: Excel High School students enjoy a balanced lifestyle that respects their individual needs and preferences while providing a high-quality education.


A day in the life of an Excel High School student is a unique blend of flexibility, interactive learning, and personal development. It is a day full of opportunities to learn, grow, and explore at your own pace, supported by a vibrant online community of educators and peers. With Excel High School, every day is a step towards a brighter future.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of the Excel High School family, feel free to explore our programs on our website. If you have any questions or need more information, you can reach out to us by text at 952-465-3700 or call us at 800-620-3844. We’re here to help you on your educational journey!

Remember, with Excel High School, your education is personalized, your pace is respected, and your potential is endless.

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