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Excel High School Staff

Chief Academic Officer / President

Dr. Mark Ulven, B.A., M.Ed, Ed.D

serves the critical role of President and Chief Academic Officer for Excel Schools. Mark is a State licensed educator and has taught both math and science for many years in the public school arena. Mark is passionate about education and online learning. Mark received his B.A. degree in Education from Bemidji State University, and received his M.Ed from St. Mary's University and holds a doctorate degree in Educational Leadership from Capella University. Mark joined the team at EHS to assist with the school's mission and goals related to continuing quality improvement and a student-centered approach to learning.

Prior to coming to Excel, Mark worked for Capella University, where he played a vital role ensuring student success.

Mark is married and has two children. Mark's Blog

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Rod Clarkson, B.S., M.A.

is the founder and CEO of Excel Education Systems. With a strong background in business, marketing and technology, Mr. Clarkson realized the value of providing alternative, accredited educational opportunities for students in need of high-quality online education services.

Rod is a true visionary in the field of innovative online education. Rod leads the marketing team and business operations for Excel Schools. Mr. Clarkson has a strong background in executive leadership and genuinely cares about each student that we have the opportunity to serve.

Rod is passionate about serving others and volunteers with various community outreach efforts. Rod enjoys spending his free time with his family and close friends.

Rod holds an Associate of Science degree in Business Administration, a Bachelor of Science degree in Business with a concentration in marketing, and Master of Arts Degree in Counseling. Mr. Clarkson believes in life-learning and is currently completing a Master of Science degree in Management at Ashworth University.
Rod's Blog

Chief Technology Officer

Koorosh Vaziri, B.S., M.S., Ph.D Candidate

has been with Excel since our inception. He is the talent behind our student information management system; and manages all aspects of the school’s technology infrastructure.

Mr. Vaziri has holds B.S. and M.S. Degrees in Computer Science from the University of Minnesota. Mr. Vaziri is currently working on his Ph.D in Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. He also holds several MS certifications. Koorosh is a vital part of the Excel team and works closely with the senior management team to make Excel a great school. Koorosh spends his free time working on his doctoral dissertation and enjoying time with his close friends.

Director, Excel High School

Lori Applegate, B.A., M.Ed

Lori lives in North Carolina with her husband and 3 children. She received a Bachelor of Education degree from William Carey College and earned her Master's in Education from Southeastern Louisiana University. Lori taught in Mandeville schools (Louisiana) for seven years. She worked and served on various curriculum committees within the school district to improve Language Arts/Social Studies teaching methods. Lori assisted with coordinating several Social Studies World Travel Days and served as a committee member for an event that helped local teachers enhance their teaching practices. Lori also mentored/trained high school students toward future teaching careers.

She has fond memories of playing college soccer with her twin sister. She continued with her interest in soccer by coaching at the local high school and select soccer travel leagues.
In her spare time, she enjoys jogging, reading, family time, and church activities. Lori is excited about mentoring and encouraging people for Excel High School. She truly enjoys each family with whom she comes in contact and provides “online” support and motivation for a successful Excel High School experience. Lori serves our students and team members with excellence and loves being part of the Excel team.

Eliza Osae-Kwapong, B.S., M.S.

Math Department

Eliza Osae-Kwapong joined the online faculty of American Public University as an adjunct in 2006. During this time, she has taught Pre-Algebra, Introduction to College Algebra, College Algebra, and Contemporary Math. Since 2012, she has also taught Liberal Math, Statistics for Business, Integrated Math and other math courses for other colleges.

She has about 8 years of experience working with education publishing companies as a Math Curriculum Specialist designing curriculum and assessment for Grades 6 - 8 and High School math.

She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Information Systems from University of Baltimore and a Master of Science degree in Applied & Industrial Mathematics from Towson University. Her master’s project was a mathematical analysis of the Carroll Area Transit System (CATS) in Maryland. The focus of the analysis was to provide optimal operation models for the transit system. She received a Masters Certificate in Integrating Technology in Education at George Washington University.

While teaching and tutoring students she has published a series of math guides to help students master their algebra skills.

Eliza has a deep love of teaching math and a deep intuition for how people learn math. When she is not busy teaching or writing curriculum, she loves to travel with her family and explore the city they live in.

Media Manager / Curriculum Coordinator

Mr. Robert Ulven, B.M.

is responsible for the accessibility, organization and archiving of the various types of educational media used within the coursework at the school.

Robert holds a Bachelor of Music degree in Music Industry, with a concentration on audio recording technology and music copyrighting, licensing and management.

Throughout Robert's professional career, his areas of media expertise expanded into video, with nearly 20 years of combined experience in television broadcast production and management. With another 15 years of print, digital and web media experience, Robert brings a versatile set of
skills to the school to enhance the student learning experience.

Robert is married with two children.

Registrar/Office Manager

Sheila Christoffer

Brings over 20-years of customer service experience to Excel High School to help serve our student population. Sheila plays a critical role at the school and has direct oversight for student records. Managing records for a large school is a daunting task and Sheila’s high attention to detail shines through daily. Sheila loves the challenge of working for a large virtual high school. In her free time, Sheila enjoys spending her free time with her family and friends.

Student Support Specialist

Mr. Paul Clarkson

Paul comes to Excel High School with over 30-years of management and customer service experience. Paul is highly dedicated to helping our students and parents with questions concerning the enrollment process at Excel.

Paul is here to support students/parents with the enrollment and school intake process. Paul's goal is to to put new online students' and parents' minds at ease with the transition into online school. Paul is a fine ambassador for EHS and is willing to do whatever it takes to help students succeed with transitioning to online school.

Prior to coming to Excel, Paul was charged with supervising client relations and customer service for a large hotel system.

In his personal time, Paul enjoys being a husband and father. Paul also loves the Vikings and the Minnesota Twins.

Student Support Specialist, Math Tutor

Mr. Drew Eid, B.A.

is an adviser, educator, and wise council for Excel students. From math tutor sessions to answering "How can I get my High School Diploma?" he is a partner in your educational success.

Drew received his Bachelor of Arts in religion, psychology, and bio-medicine from St. Olaf College and advanced degree in Christian Ministry from The Crossing College.

With years of experience as a youth counselor, student tutor, minister, and cinematographer, Drew has a heart to see people strive to their potential and is passionate about about each opportunity to serve students.

Drew's zeal for giving and volunteer groups keeps him very active in his community. His dedication to his local church, community outreach, youth sports, young adult physical, mental, financial, and spiritual health, and global relief efforts are some of his most rewarding experiences.

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