Monthly Archives: April 2013

How to Finish High School

Saying you're going to finish high school is easy. Actually finishing it can prove a little more difficult. But it's important that you do.  A high school diploma is the doorway to all sorts of possibilities, from a better job to a college education and more.  Studies show that high school graduates not only make…
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Some States are dropping the GED ® Test as Testing Price Spikes

Change is in the air. As the price and delivery method of the GED ® test are dramatically changing next year, 40-States and the District of Columbia are looking at dropping the GED ® test for their high school equivalency program. The responsibility for issuing high school equivalency certificates or diplomas rests with states and…
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High School Diploma Fast

High School Diploma Fast Are you looking for a way to earn a high school diploma fast? Typically, it takes four years to earn an accredited high school diploma from your local high school. With Excel High School, you can proceed through our high school diploma online at your own pace. Students that are highly…
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