Письменная лаборатория

Письменная лаборатория

Welcome to the Excel High School Writing Lab! Writing essays can seem like challenging work, but when you break it down into steps, the work gets a lot easier. In the Writing Lab, we take you through all the steps of The Writing Process and cover all the basic forms of writing you will need to be successful, but the Writing Lab doesn’t only help you prepare for your essays here. In fact, the examples and lessons you find here will help prepare you for both college and career, too. Use this resource and refer to it regularly to help navigate your writing assignments.

Starting with The Writing Process, you will find an overview of the steps you need for the beginning, middle, and end process of creating a high-quality essay.  You will even find some helpful videos, including an explanation of the rubric that we use to score your writing. So dive it, take the process one step at a time, and use your resources to develop a well-organized, clearly written essay that does a good job of demonstrating who you are, what you know, and how you think.

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