Is An Excel High School Diploma Accepted At All Colleges?

You want to earn your high school diploma online, but you also want to be sure you can use that diploma after you graduate. You’re not alone! At Excel High School, one of the top questions is, “Can I use this diploma to go to college?” The answer is Yes! An Excel High School diploma can be used for work, military service, or attending a college or university. Here’s the breakdown of why.

What Is Accreditation?

Colleges and universities want to be sure you’ve attended an accredited school. But what does this mean? 

Accreditation is a process that holds schools accountable for constantly improving and offering the best possible and highest quality education for their students. Respected accrediting agencies evaluate schools using research-based standards and give them ideas about how they can improve, and – if the school has done their work – accreditors give the school their stamp of approval.

Excel’s Accreditation

Since Excel’s beginnings, our goal has always been to provide quality education to our learners. As such, we have sought out the best accreditations to ensure our students can use their diplomas to pursue their dreams. This is why Excel High School maintains accreditation through Cognia. Cognia’s “stamp of approval” is recognized globally as one of the best accreditations a school can attain.

As part of our Cognia accreditation, EHS is approved by the North Central Association CASI, the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools CASI, and the Northwest Accrediting Commission. If you’d like to see our profile on Cognia, you can look up Excel High School’s private school profile on the Cognia Accreditation Registry.

In addition to Cognia accreditation, EHS also holds prestigious accreditation by the Middles States Association of Colleges and Schools. The Middle States Association is a “worldwide leader in accreditation and school improvement” that’s been around for 125 years.

MSA Commission on Secondary Schools is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as a gatekeeper for eligibility for Title IV funding for postsecondary, non-degree-granting institutions and distance education throughout the United States. The Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools are affiliated with the United States State Department’s Office of Overseas Schools and provide accreditation services to American and international-style schools attended by members of the U.S. foreign service and U. S. citizens working for non-government agencies and multinational corporations.

Excel High School is recognized by specific state agencies like the Minnesota Department of Education and the Virginia Council for Private Education.

With recognition for our quality academics and student services, our students can rest assured that they can use our diploma for college and beyond.

University of California Approval

Because of our stellar accreditation status, Excel has been approved as an authorized course provider with the University of California a-g course program. University of California campuses require that incoming students earn a certain number of their approved credits to attend their post-secondary institutions. Because EHS has maintained quality academic standards, students who want to attend a U of C campus after high school can do so by taking some of our 70 a-g approved courses

Washington State Approval

Some states require special approval for online academics, and Excel has earned the seal of approval from the state of Washington as well. For school districts and families in Washington State, EHS is a quality option on the shortlist for full-time enrollment or credit recovery/summer school courses.

College & Beyond

Excel is an excellent option for students around the country and the globe who want to be sure that their online graduation is useful to them in the future. We’re proud of the various accreditations, approvals, and recognition we have achieved. 

But if you’re still uncertain, you can check out a partial list of colleges that have and will continue to accept our regional accreditation. Just remember that this is only a partial list. Our accreditation opens the doors to so many colleges that it would be quite a task to assemble a complete list. 

Средняя школа Excel

It can be scary selecting the right online program for you, and at the top of those fears is your ability to use your diploma to pursue your goals. EHS is an accredited and recognized school, and the diploma you earn can be used for college, work, and military service.

If you’re not already a student at Excel High School but would like to learn more, please check out our programs on our website. Still have questions? Feel free to contact us by text at 952-465-3700 or call us at 800-620-3844. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you have and guide you to the best program for your individual needs.

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