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Programs • D - Honors High School + Online Tutoring

D - Honors High School + Online Tutoring

Age Requirements: You should be over 13 years old to enroll in this program.

Fully Accredited Honors Track Curriculum - Advanced Studies, Honors Courses - Over 100 Available Courses

Fully Accredited High School Diploma. Enrollment: Grades 9-12 Advanced Studies High School Diploma. Excel High School is Regionally accredited by Cognia NCA CASI which helps to ensure credit acceptance by other High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Technical Schools, the Military, and Employers.

Students may take up to six courses per semester. MONTHLY PAYMENTS AVAILABLE.

$ 1690 or $ 169/month per grade level for up to 6-Honors courses. Low Monthly Payments. Please call 1-800-620-3844 for more information.

Enrollment Process:

You can select courses/credits and you will pay the $1690.00 tuition fee plus any course extra charges (if applicable).



MAT-HNALGI1.00Algebra I Honors$0.00
MAT-HNALG21.00Algebra II Honors$0.00
ELC-ARTH1.00Art History$0.00
SCI-HNBIO1.00Biology Honors$0.00
SCI-BIOTCH0.50Biotechnology STEM$0.00
ELC-BUSMN1.00Business Management$0.00
ELC-CHMENGSTM0.50Chemical Engineering - STEM$0.00
SCI-HNCHEM1.00Chemistry Honors$0.00
ELC-COMPENG0.50Computer Engineering - STEM$0.00
MAT-CONSM1.00Consumer Math$0.00
ELC-DGPHT0.50Digital Photography$0.00
SOC-HNECON0.50Economics Honors$0.00
ELC-ELCENSTM0.50Electrical Engineering - STEM$0.00
ENG-HNENG091.00English 09 Honors$0.00
ENG-HNENG101.00English 10 Honors$0.00
ENG-HNENG111.00English 11 Honors American Literature$0.00
ENG-HNENG121.00English 12 Honors British Literature$0.00
ELC-FRSIC0.50Forensic Science$0.00
ELC-FRCHI1.00French I$0.00
ELC-FRCHII1.00French II$0.00
MAT-HNGEOM1.00Geometry Honors$0.00
SOC-HNGOV1.00Government Honors$0.00
ELC-HLTHFT1.00Health and Fitness$0.00
ELC-HISJ1.00History of Jazz Music$0.00
ELC-ACC1.00Introduction to Accounting$0.00
ELC-IBUS1.00Introduction to Business$0.00
ELC-COMAPSTM1.00Introduction to Computer Applications - STEM$0.00
ELC-SCITECH0.50Introduction to Tech Science - STEM$0.00
ELC-LFSKS1.00Life Skills$0.00
MAT-MMOD1.00Math Models and Applications$0.00
ELC-MCHENGSTM0.50Mechanical Engineering - STEM$0.00
ELC-MUS1.00Music Appreciation$0.00
SCI-HNPHSCI1.00Physical Science Honors$0.00
SCI-HNPHYSC1.00Physics Honors$0.00
MAT-HNPCAL1.00Pre-Calculus Honors$0.00
ELC-PUBS1.00Public Speaking$0.00
ELC-SAT1.00SAT Prep Verbal & Math$0.00
ELC-SPANI1.00Spanish I$0.00
ELC-SPANII1.00Spanish II$0.00
ELC-SPTMED0.50Sports Medicine$0.00
ELC-SPTSCI0.50Sports Science$0.00
SOC-HNUSH1.00US History Honors$0.00
SOC-HNWGEO1.00World Geography Honors$0.00
SOC-HNWH1.00World History Honors$0.00

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