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Programs • F - Credit Recovery - Summer School Courses - Single Courses

F - Credit Recovery - Summer School Courses - Single Courses

Part Time High School Courses - Credit Recovery – Make-up Courses – Summer School. Standard courses ONLY $ 199 per standard course! Honors/AP Courses $ 399-$599. Courses can be taken as full or half credit semester courses. *COURSES CAN BE COMPLETED AS SOON AS 4-WEEKS!

Excel High School offers many exciting online courses that can be used as either core or elective credit requirements, toward high school graduation. These courses are perfect for high school students who would like to enhance their transcript with additional credits while preparing for college, or those student needing make-up or online summer school.


Summer school courses can be completed within just 4-8 weeks, or take longer if needed.

Enrollment Process:

You can select courses/credits and you will pay the tuition fee based on your selection.



MAT-ALG11.00Algebra I Concepts$199.00
MAT-ALG21.00Algebra II$199.00
MAT-HNALG11.00Algebra l Honors$549.00
MAT-HNALG21.00Algebra ll Honors$549.00
APUSGOVT1.00AP US Government and Politics$599.00
MAT-APCALC1.00AP® Calculus AB$599.00
ENG-APELC1.00AP® English Language and Composition$599.00
ENG-APELTC1.00AP® English Literature and Composition$599.00
SOC-APHMGEO1.00AP® Human Geography$599.00
SOC-APPSYC1.00AP® Psychology$599.00
SOC-APUSHS1.00AP® US History$599.00
SOC-APWH1.00AP® World History$599.00
ELC-ARTHS1.00Art History$199.00
SCI-HNBIO1.00Biology Honors$549.00
ELC-BUSMN1.00Business Management$199.00
SCI-HNCHEM1.00Chemistry Honors$549.00
MAT-HNCPRST1.00Concepts in Probability and Statistics Honors$549.00
SCI-HNERSCI1.00Earth Science Honors$549.00
SOC-HNECON0.50Economics Honors$399.00
ENG-ENG91.00English 09$199.00
ENG-HNENG091.00English 09 Honors$549.00
ENG-ENG101.00English 10$199.00
ENG-HNENG101.00English 10 Honors$549.00
ENG-ENG111.00English 11 - American Lit.$199.00
ENG-HNENG111.00English 11 Honors$549.00
ENG-ENG121.00English 12 - British Lit.$199.00
ENG-HNENG121.00English 12 Honors$549.00
SCI-ENVI1.00Environmental Science$199.00
SCI-HNENVIR1.00Environmental Science Honors$549.00
MAT-HNFNMAT1.00Financial Math Honors$549.00
ELC-FRCH11.00French I$549.00
ELC-FRCH1A0.50French I A$399.00
ELC-FRCH1B0.50French I B$399.00
ELC-FRCH21.00French II$549.00
ELC-FRCH2A0.50French II A$399.00
ELC-FRCH2B0.50French II B$399.00
ELC-FRCH31.00French III$549.00
ELC-FRCH3A0.50French III A$399.00
ELC-FRCH3B0.50French III B$399.00
MAT-GEOMC1.00Geometry Concepts$199.00
MAT-HNGEOM1.00Geometry Honors$549.00
ELC-GRM1A0.50German I A$399.00
ELC-GRM11.00German I$549.00
ELC-GRM1B0.50German I B$399.00
ELC-GRM21.00German II$549.00
ELC-GRM2A0.50German II A$399.00
Germ3001.00German III$549.00
ELC-HLTHFT1.00Health & Fitness$199.00
SOC-HNHMGEO1.00Human Geography Honors$549.00
MAT-INTAL1.00Integrated Algebra$199.00
ELC-ACC1.00Introduction to Accounting$199.00
ELC-IBUS1.00Introduction to Business$199.00
ELC-COMAP1.00Introduction to Computer Applications$199.00
ELC-LTFT0.50Lifetime Fitness$399.00
ENG-HNLTCM11.00Literacy and Comprehension l Honors$549.00
ENG-HNLTCM21.00Literacy and Comprehension ll Honors$549.00
MAT-MMOD1.00Math Models and Applications$199.00
MAT-HNMTMODAP1.00Mathematical Models and Applications Honors$549.00
MAT-HNMAT11.00Mathematics l Honors$549.00
MAT-HNMAT21.00Mathematics ll Honors$549.00
MAT-HNMAT31.00Mathematics lll Honors$549.00
SOC-HNMWH1.00Modern World History Honors$549.00
SCI-HNPHSCI1.00Physical Science Honors$549.00
SCI-HNPHYSC1.00Physics Honors$549.00
MAT-HNPALG1.00Pre-Algebra Honors$549.00
MAT-HNPCAL1.00Pre-Calculus Honors$549.00
ENG-PUBSPK1.00Public Speaking$199.00
ELC-SP11.00Spanish I$199.00
ELC-SPAN1A0.50Spanish I A$199.00
ELC-SPAN1B0.50Spanish I B$199.00
ELC-SP21.00Spanish II$199.00
Spanish II B0.50Spanish II B$199.00
ELC-SPAN2A0.50Spanish II A$199.00
ELC-SPAN31.00Spanish III$549.00
SOC-HNSRUSH1.00Survey of US History Honors$549.00
MAT-HNTRIG0.50Trigonometry Honors$549.00
SOC-USGOV1.00U.S. Government$199.00
SOC-HNUSGOV0.50U.S. Government Honors$399.00
SOC-USHS1.00U.S. History$199.00
SOC-HNUSH11.00US History l Honors$549.00
SOC-HNUSH21.00US History ll Honors$549.00
SOC-WHS1.00World History$199.00
SOC-HNWHGEO1.00World History and Geography Honors$549.00
SOC-HNWH1.00World History Honors$549.00

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