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Programs • F - Honors High School Diploma Guided Path (9-12) *Video Based + Online Tutoring

F - Honors High School Diploma Guided Path (9-12) *Video Based + Online Tutoring

Age Requirements: You should be over 14 years old to enroll in this program.

Honors High School Diploma Guided Study *Video-Based Traditional Curriculum 

Fully Accredited Honors Curriculum - Guided Study  Online Courses - Over 100 Available Courses. Courses are guided and video lecture-based. Parents receive regular progress updates. Great for learners that need more structure. 

Fully Accredited High School Diploma. Enrollment: Grades 9-12 Advanced Studies High School Diploma. Excel High School is Regionally accredited by AdvancED NCA CASI which helps to ensure credit acceptance by other High Schools, Colleges, Universities, Technical Schools, the Military, and Employers.

Students may take up to six courses per semester. MONTHLY PAYMENTS AVAILABLE.

$ 1049 or $ 209.8/month Per Semester for up to 6-courses. Low Monthly Payments. Please call 1-800-620-3844 for more information. Includes Unlimited Online Tutoring Support 24 x 7.


Enrollment Process:

You can select courses/credits and you will pay the tuition fee based on your selection.


Discounts and Financing:

 TuitionCost per CourseMonthly Payment
1 Semester course$ 399.00$ 399.00NA
2 Semester courses$ 649.00$ 324.50$ 324.50
3 Semester courses$ 749.01$ 249.67$ 249.67
4 Semester courses$ 849.00$ 212.25$ 212.25
5 Semester courses$ 949.00$ 189.80$ 189.80
6 Semester courses$ 1049.00$ 174.84$ 209.80


MAT-HNALG1 A0.50Algebra I A Honors$399.00
MAT-HNALG1 B0.50Algebra I B Honors$399.00
MAT-HNALG2 A0.50Algebra II A Honors$399.00
MAT-HNALG2 B0.50Algebra II B Honors$399.00
ELC-ARTH A0.50Art History A$399.00
ELC-ARH B0.50Art History B$399.00
SCI-HNBIO A0.50Biology A Honors$399.00
SCI-HNBIO B0.50Biology B Honors$399.00
ELC-CEX0.50Career Explorations$399.00
ELC-CPDV0.50Career Planning and Development$399.00
SCI-HNCHEM A0.50Chemistry A Honors$399.00
SCI-HNCHEM B0.50Chemistry B Honors$399.00
ELC-COMAPL A0.50Computer Applications A - Office 2016$399.00
ELC-COMAPLB0.50Computer Applications B - Office 2016 Honors$399.00
MAT-HNCPRST A0.50Concepts in Probability and Statistics A Honors$399.00
MAT-HNCPRST B0.50Concepts in Probability and Statistics B Honors$399.00
ELC-CONHT A0.50Contemporary Health A Honors$399.00
ELC-CONHT B0.50Contemporary Health B Honors$399.00
SCI-HNERSCI A0.50Earth Science A Honors$399.00
SCI-HNERSCI B0.50Earth Science B Honors$399.00
SOC-HNECON0.50Economics Honors$399.00
ENG-HNENG10 A0.50English 10 A Honors$399.00
ENG-HNENG10 B0.50English 10 B Honors$399.00
ENG-HNENG11 A0.50English 11 A Honors$399.00
ENG-HNENG11 B0.50English 11 B Honors$399.00
ENG-HNENG12 A0.50English 12 A Honors$399.00
ENG-HNENG12 B0.50English 12 B Honors$399.00
ENG-HNENG9 A0.50English 9 A Honors$399.00
ENG-HNENG09 B0.50English 9 B Honors$399.00
SCI-HNENVIR A0.50Environmental Science A Honors$399.00
SCI-HNENVIR B0.50Environmental Science B Honors$399.00
ENG-HNEXRDWR A0.50Expository Reading & Writing A Honors$399.00
ENG-HNEXRDWR B0.50Expository Reading & Writing B Honors$399.00
MAT-HNFNMAT A0.50Financial Math A Honors$399.00
MAT-HNFNMAT B0.50Financial Math B Honors$399.00
ELC-FDPRWL A0.50Foundations of Personal Wellness - A PE$399.00
ELC-FDPRWL B0.50Foundations of Personal Wellness - B Health$399.00
ELC-FRCH1A0.50French I A Honors$399.00
ELC-FRCH1 B0.50French I B Honors$399.00
ELC-FRCH1 A0.50French II A Honors$399.00
ELC-FRCH2 B0.50French II B Honors$399.00
ELC-FRCH3 A0.50French III A Honors$399.00
ELC-FRCH3 B0.50French III B Honors$399.00
MAT-HNGEOM A0.50Geometry A Honors$399.00
MAT-HNGEOM B0.50Geometry B Honors$399.00
ELC-GRM1 A0.50German I A Honors$399.00
ELC-GRM1 B0.50German I B Honors$399.00
ELS-GER20.50German II A Honors$399.00
ELC-GRM2 B0.50German II B Honors$399.00
SOC-HNGOV0.50Government Honors$399.00
ELC-HTSCCON A0.50Health Science Concepts A Honors$399.00
ELC-HTSCCON B0.50Health Science Concepts B Honors$399.00
SOC-HNHMGEO A0.50Human Geography A Honors$399.00
SOC-HNHMGEO B0.50Human Geography B Honors$399.00
ENG-HNINTCOMSP A0.50Intro. to Communications & Speech A Honors$399.00
ENG-HNINTCOMSP B0.50Intro. to Communications & Speech B Honors$399.00
EL1086A0.50Introduction To Art A$399.00
EL1086B0.50Introduction To Art B$399.00
ELC-INTCOD0.50Introduction to Coding$399.00
ELC-INTHTSC A0.50Introduction to Health Science A Honors$399.00
ELC-INTHTSC B0.50Introduction to Health Science B Honors$399.00
ELC-INTTECH A0.50Introduction to Information Technology A$399.00
ELC-INTTECH B0.50Introduction to Information Technology B$399.00
ENG-HNLTCM A0.50Literacy and Comprehension A Honors$399.00
ENG-HNLTCM B0.50Literacy and Comprehension B Honors$399.00
MAT-HNMTMODAP A0.50Mathematical Models and Applications A Honors$399.00
MAT-HNMTMODAP B0.50Mathematical Models and Applications B Honors$399.00
MAT-HNMAT1 A0.50Mathematics I A Honors$399.00
MAT-HNMAT1 B0.50Mathematics I B Honors$399.00
MAT-MAT2 A0.50Mathematics II A Honors$399.00
MAT-HNMAT2 B0.50Mathematics II B Honors$399.00
MAT-HNMAT3 A0.50Mathematics III A Honors$399.00
MAT-HNMAT3 B0.50Mathematics III B Honors$399.00
ELC-MEDTR0.50Medical Terminology$399.00
SOC-HNMWHA0.50Modern World History A Honors$399.00
SOC-HNMWH B0.50Modern World History B Honors$399.00
ELC-NRA A0.50Nursing Assistant A Honors$399.00
ELC-NRA B0.50Nursing Assistant B Honors$399.00
ELC-PRFN0.50Personal Finance$399.00
SCI-HNPHSCI A0.50Physical Science A Honors$399.00
SCI-HNPHSCI B0.50Physical Science B Honors$399.00
SCI-HNPHYSC A0.50Physics A Honors$399.00
SCI-HNPHYSC B0.50Physics B Honors$399.00
MAT-HNPALG A0.50Pre-Algebra A Honors$399.00
MAT-HNPALG B0.50Pre-Algebra B Honors$399.00
MAT-HNPCAL A0.50Pre-Calculus A Honors$399.00
MAT-HNPCAL B0.50Pre-Calculus B Honors$399.00
ELC-PSYC A0.50Psychology A Honors$399.00
ELC-PSYC B0.50Psychology B Honors$399.00
ELC-SOC0.50Sociology Honors$399.00
ELC-SPAN1 B0.50Spanish I B Honors$399.00
ELC-SPAN1 A0.50Spanish I A Honors$399.00
ELC-SPAN2 A0.50Spanish II A Honors$399.00
ELC-SPAN2 B0.50Spanish II B Honors$399.00
ELC-SPAN3 A0.50Spanish III A Honors$399.00
ELC-SPAN3 B0.50Spanish III B Honors$399.00
ELC-STSUC0.50Strategies for Academic Success$399.00
SOC-HNSRUSH A0.50Survey of US History A Honors$399.00
SOC-HNSRUSH B0.50Survey of US History B Honors$399.00
SOC-HNSVWH A0.50Survey of World History A Honors$399.00
SOC-HNSVWH B0.50Survey of World History B Honors$399.00
MAT-HNTRIG0.50Trigonometry Honors$399.00
SOC-HNUSH1 A0.50US History I A Honors$399.00
SOC-HNUSH1 B0.50US History I B Honors$399.00
SOC-HNUSH2 A0.50US History II A Honors$399.00
SOC-HNUSH2 B0.50US History II B Honors$399.00

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