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Programs • K - Earn College Credits Online

K - Earn College Credits Online

Age Requirements: You should be over 14 years old to enroll in this program.

Earn college credits online from an accredited institution while in high school. Select from over 70-college courses that may apply toward both high school and college credit, shorten college graduation time, and save tuition cost.

Online college course features include:

Dynamic Online Courses
Highly Qualified Instructors
Flexible Online Course Structure
Digital Textbooks Included in Tuition *no extra cost
World-Class Support Services

Single college-level courses are offered by Washington Online Career Intuition, a regionally accredited post-secondary institution that is recognized by the US Department of Education. WOLI is a sister school to Excel High School. Online college-level courses are offered in the following subject areas: Business, Law, Criminal Justice, Health Care, and Health Care.

Enroll now and get started today! College-level online courses are only $ 299. Earn College Credits in High School!

Enrollment Process:

You can select courses/credits and you will pay the tuition fee based on your selection.



BUS-4403.00Accounting Principles I$299.00
BUS-4423.00Accounting Principles II$299.00
BUS-4103.00Advanced Business Law$299.00
MED-C2013.00Anatomy & Physiology$299.00
BUS-4043.00Business Ethics$299.00
BUS-1043.00Business Law$299.00
WOL-9013.00Business Organizations Law$299.00
BUS-1013.00Business Principles and Management$299.00
WOL-7013.00Civil Litigation$299.00
CNT-1013.00Computer Concepts$299.00
CNT-1043.00Computing Technical Support$299.00
BUS-4223.00Consumer Behavior$299.00
MAR-1033.00Contemporary Marketing$299.00
WOL-4013.00Criminal Law$299.00
BUS-4253.00Developing New Products and Services$299.00
CJ-4003.00Effective Communication for Criminal Justice$299.00
CJ-5004.00Ethical Dilemmas & Decisions in Criminal Justice$299.00
HCA-1023.00Ethics of Health Care$299.00
WOL-9023.00Family Law$299.00
BUS-3143.00Financial Accounting$299.00
BUS-3123.00Foundations of Business Law$299.00
PMN-1033.00Foundations of Project Management 1$299.00
PMN-1043.00Foundations of Project Management 2$299.00
HCA-1013.00Health Information Management$299.00
MED-B6013.00Health Insurance and Reimbursement$299.00
WOL-1233.00Immigration Law$299.00
MAR-1053.00Integrated Marketing Communications$299.00
BUS-4003.00Intermediate Macroeconomics$299.00
MAR-1013.00Internet Marketing$299.00
BUS-3003.00Introduction to Business$299.00
WOL-1013.00Introduction to Law$299.00
CNT-1023.00Introduction to Networking$299.00
WOL-P023.00Investigation and Legal Reasoning$299.00
PMN-1053.00IT Project Management$299.00
BUS-4133.00Law for Entrepreneurs$299.00
BUS-4143.00Law of Commercial Transactions$299.00
WOL-P053.00Law Office Administration; Using Computers in the Law Office$299.00
WOL-1243.00Law Office Management - Systems, Procedures & Ethics$299.00
WOL-2013.00Legal Research and Writing$299.00
WOL-1203.00Legal Terminology$299.00
BUS-4033.00Managerial Accounting$299.00
MAR-1023.00Marketing Research$299.00
HCA-1033.00Medical Coding$299.00
MED-C2023.00Medical Terminology$299.00
BUS-4013.00Microeconomic Analysis$299.00
CNT-1033.00Network Security$299.00
PMN-1023.00Organizational Behavior$299.00
WOL-8013.00Personal Injury Law (Torts)$299.00
BUS-3043.00Principles of Economics$299.00
BUS-3023.00Principles of Management$299.00
BUS-4303.00Principles of Managerial Economics$299.00
BUS-3063.00Principles of Marketing$299.00
MAR-1043.00Social Media Marketing$299.00
CJ-6004.00Substantive & Procedural Criminal Law$299.00
CJ-2004.00Terrorism & Homeland Security$299.00
CJ-1005.00The American Criminal Justice System$299.00
WOL-6013.00The Law of Real Estate$299.00
WOL-9033.00Wills, Trusts, and Estates$299.00
CNT-1053.00Windows Server - Install and Storage$299.00

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