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Programs • B - Adult High School Diploma+College Certificate/Credits (Dual Enrollment)

B - Adult High School Diploma+College Certificate/Credits (Dual Enrollment)

Age Requirements: You should be over 18 years old to enroll in this program.


$ 160 x 10 months for an accredited high school + college certificate.

Earn a high school diploma and college certificate (credits) simultaneously that may transfer toward an associate or bachelor’s degree program. Complete an accredited high diploma and college certificate (credits) for one low price.

What you get: A fully Accredited High School Diploma recognized by employers, colleges, and universities; and a College Certificate that prepares you for a new career. Earn up to 25-college credits, which saves thousands in tuition costs.

Students may take up a combination of six high school/college courses for one low monthly payment of $ 160.

Please call 1-800-620-3844 for more information. **Students must have completed 10th grade and have a minimum of 12-credits to enroll in this program**
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CJUS15.00Criminal Justice Certificate$0.00
HCAD15.00Health Care Administration Certificate$0.00
MBCF18.00Medical Billing & Coding Certificate (with Foundation Courses)$0.00
MSOS5.00Microsoft Office Specialist Certificate$0.00
NPL15.00National Paralegal Certificate$0.00
PTC (CPhT)5.00Pharmacy Technician Certificate$0.00
BUSACT15.00Undergraduate Certificate in Accounting$0.00
BUSBA15.00Undergraduate Certificate in Business Administration$0.00
BUSBL15.00Undergraduate Certificate in Business Law$0.00
BUSLM15.00Undergraduate Certificate in Business Management & Leadership$0.00
ITCN15.00Undergraduate Certificate in Computer Networking$0.00
BUSDM15.00Undergraduate Certificate in Digital Marketing$0.00
BUCECON15.00Undergraduate Certificate in Economics$0.00
BUSMKT15.00Undergraduate Certificate in Marketing$0.00
BUSPM15.00Undergraduate Certificate in Project Management$0.00

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