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Programs • J - California A-G Approved Single Courses (Summer School/Credit Recovery) Guided Study *Video Based

J - California A-G Approved Single Courses (Summer School/Credit Recovery) Guided Study *Video Based

Excel High School offers 70 University of California A-G approved, accredited online courses that are approved for transfer to California public schools and recognized by California colleges and universities. Single standard courses are only $ 399 and $ 599 for AP Courses for two-semester (10-CA credit) course.

*Courses available 24 x 7 flexible online format
*Highly qualified instruction
*Video lecture-based courses
*Credits are recognized by all California schools and colleges

If you are a California student, rest assured credits earned at Excel High School will transfer to California schools.


Enrollment Process:

You can select courses/credits and you will pay the tuition fee based on your selection.



MAT-AG1091.00Algebra I - MAT-AG109$399.00
MAT-AG1121.00Algebra II - MAT-AG112$399.00
MAT-AGHN1121.00Algebra II Honors MAT-AGHN112$399.00
MAT-AGAP1011.00AP Calculus AB - MAT-AGAP101$599.00
ENG-AGAP1021.00AP English Language and Composition - ENG-AGAP102$599.00
ENG-AGAP1011.00AP English Literature and Composition - ENG-AGAP101$599.00
SOC-AGAP1031.00AP Human Geography - SOC-AGAP103$599.00
SOC-AGAP1011.00AP Modern World History - SOC-AGAP101$599.00
ELC-AGAP1021.00AP Psychology - ELC-AGAP102$599.00
SOC-AGAP1021.00AP United States History - SOC-AGAP102$599.00
ELC-AG1121.00Art History I - ELC-AG112$399.00
SCI-AGHN1011.00Biology Honors with Labs - SCI-AGHN101$399.00
SCI-AG1031.00Biology with Labs - SCI-AG101$399.00
SCI-AGHN1021.00Chemistry Honors with Labs - SCI-AGHN102$399.00
SCI-AG1021.00Chemistry with Labs - SCI-AG102$399.00
MAT-AG1031.00Concepts in Probability and Statistics - MAT-AG103$399.00
SCI-AG1061.00Earth and Space Science with Labs - SCI-AG106$399.00
SOC-AG1011.00Economics - SOC-AG101$399.00
ENG-AG1021.00English Language Arts 10 - ENG-AG102$399.00
ENG-AGHN1021.00English Language Arts 10 Honors - ENG-AGHN102$399.00
ENG-AG1031.00English Language Arts 11 - ENG-AG103$399.00
ENG-AGHN1031.00English Language Arts 11 Honors - ENG-AGHN103$399.00
ENG-AG1041.00English Language Arts 12 - ENG-AG104$399.00
ENG-AGHN1041.00English Language Arts 12 Honors - ENG-AGHN104$399.00
ENG-AG1011.00English Language Arts 9 - ENG-AG101$399.00
ENG-AGHN1011.00English Language Arts 9 Honors - ENG-AGHN101$399.00
ELC-AG1081.00Entrepreneurship/Self-Employment - ELC-AG108$399.00
SCI-AG1051.00Environmental Science - SCI-AG105$399.00
ENG-AGHN1051.00Expository Reading and Writing - ENG-AGHN105$399.00
MAT-AG1021.00Financial Math - MAT-AG102$399.00
ELC-AG1151.00French I - ELC-AG115$399.00
ELC-AG1161.00French II - ELC-AG116$399.00
ELC-AG1171.00French III - ELC-AG117$399.00
MAT-AG1101.00Geometry - MAT-AG110$399.00
ELC-AG1061.00Health Science and Medical Technology - ELC-AG106$399.00
ELC-AG1071.00Health Science Concepts - ELC-AG107$399.00
ELC-AG1051.00Information and Communication Technology - ELC-AG105$399.00
ELC-AG1041.00Introduction to Business - ELC-AG104$399.00
ELC-AG1211.00Introduction to Communications and Speech I - ELC-AG121$399.00
ELC-AG1221.00Introduction to Communications and Speech II-$399.00
MAT-AG1011.00Linear Algebra - MAT-AG101$399.00
ENG-AGHN1061.00Literature and Comprehension I - ENG-AGHN106$399.00
ENG-AGHN1071.00Literature and Comprehension II - ENG-AGHN107$399.00
MAT- AG1051.00Mathematics I - MAT- AG105$399.00
MAT-AG1061.00Mathematics II - MAT-AG106$399.00
MAT-AG1071.00Mathematics III - MAT-AG107$399.00
ELC-AG1031.00Medical Terminology - ELC-AG103$399.00
SOC-AG1051.00Modern World History - SOC-AG105$399.00
ELC-AG1021.00Nursing Assistant - ELC-AG102$399.00
ELC-AG1131.00Personal Finance - ELC-AG113$399.00
ELC-AG1011.00Pharmacy Technician - ELC-AG101$399.00
SCI-AGHN1031.00Physics Honors with Labs - SCI-AGHN103$399.00
SCI-AG1011.00Physics with Labs - SCI-AG103$399.00
MAT-AG1081.00Pre-Calculus - MAT-AG108$399.00
SOC-AG1041.00Principles of American Democracy - SOC-AG104$399.00
SOC-AGHN1011.00Principles of American Democracy Honors - SOC-AGHN101$399.00
ELC-AG1111.00Psychology - ELC-AG111$399.00
ELC-AG1101.00Sociology - ELC-AG110$399.00
ELC-AG1181.00Spanish I - ELC-AG118$399.00
ELC-AG1191.00Spanish II - ELC-AG119$399.00
ELC-AG1201.00Spanish III - ELC-AG120$399.00
MAT-AG1041.00Trigonometry - MAT-AG104$399.00
SOC-AG1031.00U.S. History and Geography - SOC-AG103$399.00
ELC-AG1091.00Visual Arts - ELC-AG109$399.00
SOC-AG1021.00World History, Culture, and Geography - SOC-AG102$399.00

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