You Cannot get a High School Diploma by Taking an Online Test…

You may have seen many, many online high school sites that claim that you can earn a high school diploma online by taking an online test. Let’s dispel that myth today. You cannot earn a government recognized/accredited high school diploma by taking an online test. Websites offering such high school diplomas are fraudulent and cannot be used for college or for employment. You may contact schools that claim you can get a high school diploma online by taking an exam. These fake online schools will lie to you and tell you their diploma is recognized and accepted; when it is not. Don’t fall for it! To earn a nationally recognized high school diploma that is accredited and recognized by the department of education, you need to earn the required credits to graduate. We can help you graduate fast by taking online courses. This is a perfect option for adults that need a valid high school diploma.

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Let’s walk through the steps to complete a high school diploma online. Accredited Online High Schools like Excel for example, will transfer credits earned at other accredited high schools to apply toward graduation. Students will then need to complete the remaining high school credits to graduate. EHS requires 21.5-credits to earn a standard high school diploma and 24-credits to earn a college preparatory high school diploma. Students that have completed through grades eleven are typically required to complete an additional 5-6 credits to graduate. Online courses through Excel High School are self-paced and are completed on your timeline. Students are in the driver’s seat when it comes to completion times. The more time you work on your online high school courses, the more quickly you will complete your online high school studies.

Excel High School requires the following credits to graduate with a Standard  High School Diploma:

English – 4 credits
Math – 3 credits
Science – 3 credits
Social Studies – 3.5 credits
Elective credits – 8 credits
*25% of credits for graduation must be earned from Excel High School.
The online high school diploma program is also very affordable. The tuition is just $ 99 a month. There are no interest payments, no hidden fees, no book fees, no graduation fees, etc. You get everything you need to graduate for just one low monthly tuition payment.

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