Why is a High School Diploma Important?

Does it really matter if you have a high school diploma or not?  That’s a question many ask.

Often, people see a diploma as something you need only if you’re planning on going to college.  While it is true that you need a diploma or GED to enter college, the benefits of a high school education go far beyond that.

 Is it Worth Getting a High School Diploma?


After all, the purpose of high school education is to teach a person what they need to know to live their life.  In the real world, basic math skills and an understanding of the English language are a necessity.  Science helps you understand how things work, computer skills become exponentially more important every day, and physical fitness  certainly doesn’t hurt.

All of these things are learned and developed in high school.  A high school education prepares you to be a functional member of society.  This is the reason why employers put such an emphasis on having at least a high school education.

It’s not to just show off a piece of paper.  It’s to prove that you are capable.

And make no mistake, employers are looking.  Not just for college degrees, but high school diplomas and GED’s as well.  Unemployment rates are high right now for everyone.

But they’re even higher for people without a high school diploma.  About 66% higher.  We are also in a time where a great number of people are underemployed.  That means people with college degrees are working jobs where you’d often find high school graduates working, etc.

If a job comes down to a person with a high school diploma and a person without one, the odds are that the person with the diploma is getting the job.  Truth is, life is harder with a high school education.

Whether it’s in the work field or not.

Do yourself a favor.  If you don’t have a diploma or a GED, get it.  It is definitely worth your time and effort.  You will be glad you did it.

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