When Do Online School Semesters Start?

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With the popularity of online schools today, gone are the days of cramming family time and trips into the small window when everyone is available. It’s hard to believe that only a decade ago, most families had to restrict their schedules to match the local school district’s timelines and breaks. Thank goodness other options are available now!

As busy as life has gotten, flexible, self-paced, accredited school options like those offered by Excel Middle and High School are a safe and convenient way to provide your student with a top-quality education. Being able to provide your student with a quality education while still giving them the chance to be a well-rounded human being is only one of the benefits of online learning. With open enrollment, any day of the year can be day one of the school year with Excel.


Excel offers flexibility in our programs, so students can graduate early or take a little longer on their studies. The flexible programming means that your student can work on one or two classes at a time if that suits them best or fly through their classes if they’re motivated to do so.  Your student can start school at whatever point in the year that works best for your family, and they can finish early, too. If your student wants to take a longer break mid-year, our 12 month flexible program allows your family to make the scheduling decision that works best for you.


Because our programs are self-paced, that means that your family can schedule trips whenever it makes sense for you! No longer are you stuck traveling to special destinations at the exact same time as thousands of other desperate families, crammed into theme parks or lined up at historical sights. Students’ programs are self-paced, meaning that as long as they are going to be done with their grade level within 12 months of enrollment, they can take the time off that they need to experience the world around them.

No More Make-up Work

Sure, most in-person schools will allow families to schedule vacations outside the regular school schedule, but the make-up work and the loss of in-person instructional time can be devastating to a student’s understanding and academic growth. If you have a student who, for whatever reason, struggles to make up the work when they miss school, online programs like those with Excel provide a convenient, sensible alternative.

Because our program eliminates the excessive waste of time that most in-person classroom environments are stuck with, students can feel free to take time off while still staying on schedule. If they need a day off for mental or physical health reasons, they can take it, and when they come back to their classes, no one will have left them behind.


Excel also offers a large variety of enriching elective courses to make sure your student is exposed to topics they’re interested in. We even offer honors and AP advanced classes, California approved classes, SAT Prep, college level classes, and a variety of STEM options. Your children won’t find themselves limited as students of Excel.

A World of Opportunities

As the world within the traditional brick and mortar classrooms becomes more and more uninspired, stifling, and small, the world of opportunities grows bigger and becomes more accessible for online students. The world outside the walls of the traditional brick and mortar schools is out there for online students to experience!

You can view all of our programs on our website. However, if you have questions about our programs, feel free to contact our academic experts by texting us at 952-465-3700 or by giving us a call at 800-620-3844. We’ll be happy to find the program that meets your family’s needs.

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