Tips on Studying for Finals

December means a lot of different things for different people.  For those in school, it’s the month of winter break.  The downside is, before winter breaks typically comes finals.

Depending on what classes you have, finals can be a very exhausting process.  You need to remember what you learned months ago at the start of the semester along with everything you just recently went over.  There’s a lot of information to cover and little time to cover it in.

That’s why it’s best that you optimize your studying time.  If you’re an online student, there’s a good chance the rest of your schedule is busy with work, family, etc.  To make things easier for you, we thought we would put together some quick tips for better studying.

And so, here we go.

1. Relax

Maybe it’s been a very stressful semester.  Maybe you’re really far behind or desperately need to do well on the final.  It’s okay.  Over-worrying is only going to make it harder to focus and study.  Our advice?

Take a deep breath, organize the information you have.  Single out the information that is most important and work your way from there.  If it helps, find someone to study with you.

2. Get Away

Studying in the middle of your house isn’t always the most ideal location.  With all of the aspects of your life surrounding you, distractions easily creep up.

Instead, remove the distractions!

When you’re studying, actually study!  If you can, go away to a library, a coffee shop, etc.  Set your phone aside, log out of Facebook, and focus.

3. Take Breaks

When studying for finals, some people’s attitude is I’ll take a break when these finals are over.  But truth is, your brain needs time to process and recover after hard work in the same way your body does.

Once you’ve been going for a few hours, take a breather.  Watch a show, play a game, go for a run.  Anything to relieve the tension.  Then, when you come back from your break, do a quick recap of the last thing you studied.  That way, you won’t just forget it all.

4. Sleep

When we picture finals, it usually consists of staying up all night, cramming to the very last minute.  This is a terrible idea.  Your brain doesn’t function correctly on no sleep.  All that information you learned will disappear in the haze of exhaustion.

The night before your finals, make sure to get some sleep.  It’s incredibly important.

Whatever happens, or however you end up studying, we truly wish you the best of luck!

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