Tips For Success From Past Excel Graduates

Excel High School’s Academic Success Coaches have reason to celebrate because each day they work with their students to make sure they’re making progress and getting the most out of their program. Our Coaches and students get to know each other and find out what makes each student successful, learning and growing as EHS students.  Some of the best advice comes from this relationship between our staff and students, so here are some important tips to help you succeed as an online student at EHS.

Set A Schedule

Sure, the programs at EHS are self-paced, so you can make up any sort of schedule you want. Being able to create a flexible schedule is a great way to include volunteer work, keep a part time a job, or explore careers and personal interests. However, overwhelmingly EHS graduates say to “set yourself up with some sort of schedule.” Our students work in the mornings, afternoons, or evenings, all based on their individual needs and preferences, but they recommend deciding on a pattern and sticking with it as much as possible because the routine helped them focus and get their work done more efficiently.

Take Advantage Of Multiple Attempts

Another tip that our Success Coaches remind students of is to take advantage of the multiple attempts they have to retake quizzes and tests and resubmit essays. Our graduates say to “Take the time to review your notes, add to them, and take exams over again.” And we agree! Academic Success Coaches have watched students improve their scores greatly by taking the time to review the notes an instructor has given on essays and resubmitting a new draft or taking a little more time on the quiz they rushed through.

Because our students are allowed to use their notes on quizzes and exams and are allowed these multiple attempts to complete all of their work, everyone is in agreement: take advantage of the multiple attempts. Learning from mistakes is an essential part of learning; it’s something you’ll be doing for the rest of your life. In the end, practice might not make perfect, but it sure can improve things a bit!

Reach Out For Help

“Don’t wait to get help,” is the next bit of advice that our students give. If you’re unsure about something, reach out to your instructor. Waiting can lead to frustration and anxiety, and we have support built into your program to try to avoid those feelings! Remember, our goal is your success, so take advantage of all the support our programs offer.

DO NOT Procrastinate

This piece of advice is extremely important! Over and over again, our graduates say that they had to learn this, and sometimes they had to learn it the hard way. Having 12 months to complete a grade level feels like so much time. But if you’re not following a schedule, that time might start to slip away. Before you know it, you’re trying to cram a grade level of work into three months, and although it can be done, it’s definitely not a pleasant experience for anyone involved. With a self-paced online program, you have a lot of flexibility, but take the advice of our graduates to heart and, “Don’t mess up by waiting until the last minute to start your classes.” Pacing yourself will help you perform better, you’ll experience less stress, and you’ll learn a lot more along the way.

About Excel High School

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