The Benefits of Attending Middle School Online

Online middle school helps students break free from the awkward years of middle school where everyone is growing, changing, and trying to impress their friends. When students attend middle school online, they avoid much of the bullying that leads to depression, anxiety, low test scores, and even dropping out of school for many young students. This is especially crucial during the 6th grade year, a pivotal transition year when students are just beginning to navigate the complexities of middle school.

Online Middle School Student

Statistically, 1-in-5 students are victims of bullying, and the Centers for Disease Control reports that cyberbullying is highest among middle schoolers.

Online school helps kids enjoy these formative years so that they’re able to have fun learning and keep their grades high. While online schooling may not be possible if both parents are working, it’s extremely beneficial for students.

4 Benefits of Attending Middle School Online

Exploring the advantages of online middle school can be enlightening for parents and students alike. The flexibility and unique learning environment offered by online education cater to the diverse needs of young learners. These benefits not only enhance academic performance but also contribute to the overall development of students during these crucial years.

Here are four major advantages of attending middle school online:

1. Learn at Their Own Pace

School is hard. Students want to talk to their friends and “fit in.” Middle school is the time when students learn a lot of the fundamentals that will dictate their success in high school and college. If a teacher talks too quickly or children are absent for a class or two, they can miss fundamental material that leads to lower grades this year and potentially for years to come.

When students attend middle school online, they’re able to:

  • Work through interactive videos
  • Work through interactive tasks
  • Follow lesson plans and assignments

If children fall behind or don’t understand a particular lesson, they can always refer back to an interactive video – something you can’t do at a traditional school.

The pressure is off of the child so students can learn at a pace that allows them to absorb the course material.

2. Close Supervision

Parents and teachers take a more active role in a child’s education when students attend school to online middle school. Supervision is improved, with:

  • Teacher feedback that is given to parents immediately – not just at parent-teacher night. This feedback ensures that parents know when students miss assignments or haven’t been following lessons.
  • Parents can keep a closer eye on their child’s education and assist children more when they need help.

Closer supervision helps children excel, overcome issues they’re facing in school and do it all in the comfort of their home.

3. Kids Learn Discipline

Classrooms are a lot of fun for kids, but distractions can prevent children from payingattention. Many students pass classes with little effort, studying at the last minute and passing without really learning the material being taught.

When kids go to school online, they’re able to learn at a pace and time of their own choosing.

Parents are kept in the loop, but the student has to be disciplined and follow a schedule. This sense of freedom allows children to take charge of their education, follow guidelines, and start learning about responsibility from a young age.

Kids enjoy:

  • Responsibility
  • Fewer distractions
  • Ability to move at their own pace

4. Deeper Connections

Forging deep connections in school can lead to lifelong friendships. Kids can learn at their own pace, but they can also attend local sports and join teams. Children may not see their friends daily at virtual schools, but the time they do get to spend together will be more memorable and important.

Deeper connections are formed with:

  • Parents
  • Teachers
  • Friends

Custom scheduling also allows students to enjoy activities that friends attending public school can’t enjoy due to rigid schedules. Family trips and outings are also possible as long as students have an Internet connection to complete their coursework.

Children of all ages and learning abilities can benefit from online middle school. Enrolling is easy, and students follow a proven curriculum that meets state education requirements.

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