Teacher Shortage? Excel Education Can Help

The first day of school is moments away, but administrators around the country are facing a big snag: Missing Staff. The National Center for Education Statistics found in March of 2022 that 44% of public schools were facing full- or part-time teaching vacancies. 

With students ready to walk in and not enough staff to teach or even supervise, what are districts to do? At Excel Middle and High School, we’re not here to debate the reasons for the teacher shortage, but we do have an innovative solution to the staff shortage. 

• Excel Provides Course Teachers
• Courses Start Daily
• Over 100 Accredited Online Courses
• Online Tutoring Included at no Additional Cost

Our Solutions

We can partner with you to make sure your school year starts for all students, Day One. If you’re looking for a way to provide a variety of individual courses to students in one central location under the supervision of a single staff member, we can provide those classes to your students. We can help you push out ready-made courses to entire classrooms as well. And if you’re interested in providing full-time enrollment options for students who want a hybrid or fully online learning experience, we’ve got the experience to get your school or district started in an online learning option.

Our Accreditation

Excel High School offers accredited online standard college prep., honors, AP, and college in high school courses for both full-time and part-time enrollment. Excel High School is a State recognized school that holds accreditiaition through Cognia (NCA, SACS, NWAC, and the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools CESS. Excel’s online courses are aligned with State standards and taught by highly qualified, credentialed teachers.

Our Programs

Excel Middle School offers 6th through 8th-grade core and elective courses. Students learn the essential skills to bridge the gap between middle and high school, and our electives include foreign language as well as practical lessons that they can carry with them in the future.

Excel High School offers both full-time and part-time enrollment options. Along with a variety of core and elective courses at a standard, honors, and AP level, we offer a healthy variety of STEM elective options as well to make sure your students all find something that piques their interests.

Our Teachers

Our instructors are highly qualified, and students can email questions directly to teachers through the course LMS for help understanding the content or clarify any assignments. We also offer a bank of resources in our online Writing Lab to guide students through the Writing Process as they complete written assignments.

On top of those embedded supports, schools can partner with Train The Brain to provide one-on-one online tutoring with highly qualified tutors to support students who might need additional help during the teacher shortage.  

Whatever your needs, Excel is here to partner with you as you start your school year, day one, with qualified instructors, innovative course options, and a seamless transition to an online learning environment.

Please email Kate Clarkson (a) kclarkson@exceled.com or call us at 952-465-3700 for a demo.

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