PSEO Online Minnesota

Are you an adult that finished at least the 10th grade and you are seeking to complete high school and continue on with post secondary enrollment at a college or university? Many colleges and universities participate in PSEO or Post-Secondary Enrollment Option. Excel High School and College offers PSEO Online through dual enrollment for adults who desire to earn both a high school diploma and an associate degree online simultaneously, through dual enrollment.

Adult students who have completed at least 10th grade enroll concurrently with Excel High School and Excel College. Students complete college courses online that count both toward high school and college credit. When students complete the necessary credits they will earn both an accredited high school diploma and an associate degree.  The great thing about PSEO enrollment is that credits earned will count toward both high school and college graduation. This is truly killing two birds with one stone. This can be a real time and money saver when comparing to other traditional methods.

The school offers open enrollment so students can get started on a pathway to success anytime the season is right for you. Excel High School & College is the only online school in the nation that offers Adult PSEO. We launched this program in the Spring of 2013 to help give adults in need of a diploma and degree a boost and the opportunity to advance with their education. Most colleges require that students have a high school diploma or GED prior to admission , but with the Excel PSEO program, adults are able to bypass that requirement. Imagine enrolling in the Post-Secondary Enrollment Option and becoming a college student tomorrow.

The  Post-Secondary Enrollment Option is affordable and flexible. Students complete online courses and in just eight short college quarters, students will have earned a high school diploma and an associate degree. If you have been hindered from starting college due to the lack of high school graduation credentials, now is the time to start your college career.

Enrollment is simple:

1) Complete Enrollment Application

2) Transcripts are reviewed and credits are transferred

3) College courses are selected

4) You begin courses at Excel College

PSEO students take two courses each quarter, so this is a great option for busy adults. You are considered a full time college student, but you will not get bogged down with course overload. If you have been wanting to complete high school and earn a college degree, now is the time. Call the school admissions office for questions at (800) 620-3844.

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