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The State of Florida tops the nation with high school drop outs. Each year Florida seems to top of list of having the biggest number of high school drop outs per capita. Many students were left with a certificate of completion due to their inability to pass the FCAT exam.  For whatever reason you didn’t graduate high school, you now have an affordable option as an adult to return to high school online and earn a Regionally accredited high school diploma.

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If you are like most Floridians that did not graduate from high school, you may be finding it difficult to find a good job or to attend college. Perhaps you have earned most or all of your high school credits.  Why not transfer your credits to Excel High School and take the additional required courses and earn a fully accredited high school diploma?  At EHS, there are no FACT or State exit exams. Students only need to complete the prescribed course of study by completing required online courses in core and elective subjects. One you meet the credit requirements, you will graduate and earn a nationally recognized high school diploma.

Many high school drop outs settle for a GED, but the truth is, you can still earn a fully accredited high school diploma and become a HS graduate.  With the flexibility that comes along with online courses, there is no reason not to complete high school. Earning a high school diploma is the minimum requirement for most jobs, college and military enlistment. Excel makes tuition affordable and convenient. Adult students enrolled in full time high school only pay $ 89 a month for all of the courses they need to graduate.

Online high school is very popular in the State of Florida. The State actually launched the nation’s first public online high school. Getting a high school diploma online is a widely accepted method to complete your high school education.

Enjoy the beach in Florida? No problem. Online courses at Excel High School are available whenever you are. You only need a computer and high speed internet access. You can login and take classes from anywhere, anytime on your schedule.

The great news is that Excel High School is Regionally accredited by AdvancED, NCA CASI and SACS CASI. Our Accreditation is recognized by the Florida State Department of Education, so your diploma will be accepted by employers and colleges. If you live in Florida and you did not finish high school, today may be a good day to enroll in a good online high school and earn your high school diploma.


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