Most Affordable Regionally Accredited Online High School

Most Affordable Online Regionally Accredited High School

Excel High School is excited to announce the launch of our new common core based curriculum. The EHS instructional design team has been working hard all year to develop standards based, online high school courses, geared toward providing a high quality, affordable online high school program. This is a great option for families in need of a full time, fully accredited high school diploma option.  This is also a prefect option for Adults that dropped out of high school and want to return to school and earn a Regionally accredited high school diploma.

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The new low price of $ 99 or $ 129 a month includes unlimited courses and everything students need to complete online courses and graduate with a high school diploma.  Excel High School realizes that paying for a high school education is not easy for most people. With that find mind, we have lowered our tuition so almost anyone can afford to take online classes at Excel. The monthly tuition includes all of courses and teacher support students need to be successful.  We find that many students also love the self-paced option of online courses and moving through the courses at a faster pace helps to save money.  There are no long term commitments or contracts to sign.

Once a student enrolls, Excel will help you to create a success plan and identity all transfer credits that count toward high school graduation. EHS will transfer every qualified credit, but students will have to take a minimum of five courses to graduate. Students needing only 5-6 credits can complete their high school diploma online in as little as 4-6 months. A high school diploma from a Regionally accredited high school is a much better option than a GED.

Perhaps you dropped out of school due to an unexpected pregnancy or maybe you had to work and help to support your family, which caused you to drop out. Perhaps your child is being bullied at school or has anxiety about attending a traditional high school. Whatever the reason, you need online high school courses, Excel High School is here to help by offering the most affordable, Regionally accredited online high school programs.

When you choose to enroll at Excel, we can get you stated within 1-2 days in online courses and on your way to earning a high school diploma.

Excel High School is very excited about reducing our tuition by 50%. The school administration was able to reduce software cost and we are passing the savings onto our valued students.

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