Meet Our Students

Meet Our Online High School Students!

Excel High School serves students from diverse very backgrounds and from many different backgrounds and locations. For whatever reason you may need an accredited online high school diploma, Excel High School is only a click away.

Meet Our Students!

Meet Raul

  • Raul is 37 years old. His employer would like Raul to complete his diploma and has given him 6 months to obtain it.
  • Raul is motivated, but doesn’t have much experience with technology and has not taken any type of academic class for many years. He is concerned he won’t be successful and his job will be in jeopardy. He is willing to do what it takes to complete his high school diploma.

Meet Michael

  • Michael dropped out of high school in the 11th grade for unknown reasons. He is now 27 years old and wants to finish his diploma.
  • While attending HS he received good grades and is comfortable using technology. He is motivated to finish, but is concerned with the $89 monthly fee. Michael works fulltime at a minimum wage job, so his income is limited. He is going to speak with his employer to determine if they will provide him with tuition assistance.

Meet Suzie

  • Suzie is 17 years old and her Mother is looking into other options for her daughter to finish high school.
  • Suzie is experiencing some bullying and is not comfortable attending her public high school any more.
  • She is comfortable using technology, but may not necessarily be overly motivated. Suzie’s mother is willing to help her daughter keep motivated to work on her high school studies.

Meet Natasha

  • Natasha dropped out of HS in the 10th grade because she was pregnant. She is now 20 years old and a single Mom who is living with her Mother.
  • Natasha works part time and takes care of her son. She is motivated and semi comfortable with technology, but lacks overall confidence with her academics. She realizes the value of earning an accredited high school diploma.

Meet Chad

  • Chad is 21 years old and didn’t have enough credits to graduate. He explained that his former HS ‘screwed up’ and he was going to have to go to summer school in order to graduate. He did not follow through with attending summer school and never received his diploma.
  • Chad thinks he should only have to take the one course he was short and is frustrated that he is going to have to take additional coursework.
  • He is quick to blame others for his mistakes and has limited insight on his own behaviors. However, Chad has realized that not having a diploma is limiting his job prospects and is semi motivated to finish. Chad has realized that he needs to take responsibility for his education and his career.

Meet Julie

  • Julie is 16 years old and her Father is looking into options for her to finish HS while also being able to travel around the country and world.
  • Julie is part of an elite ballet group based out of NYC. This group travels around the country on a regular basis and will also attend international tours. Julie needs the flexibility to work on her academics where/when possible, while also traveling on a regular basis. Julie is passionate about her dancing career, but she realizes that she must complete high school. She feels that Excel High School is the right place to complete her high school education.


Perhaps one of thee profiles relates to you or your child? If so, you are in good company at Excel High School. Students for various reasons and from all walks of life, choose Excel High School to earn a State recognized, regionally accredited high school diploma.

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