Measuring Student Success with Online Learning

How does Excel High School measure its success with the learning process? How do we ensure that students’ are learning and advancing, while attending online high school courses? The ways we do this is to measure ourselves as educators, and define how well our students are growing and learning.

In early 2013, Excel High School will be the research site for some important research dealing with improving online education. The research will focus on finding the best new ways for teachers and students to communicate in an online education setting.

As with everything that Excel High School does, the desired goal of the research is to improve our students’ academic success, or in other words: improve their grades. This research study will allow the school to both try to help our students be more successful, while at the same time, contributing to the growing knowledge of the online education industry as a whole. The research will take approximately 3-months to complete and the results and conclusions are expected to add more insight into the best practices of online instruction and learning. Excel High School is excited to be participating in this study and is always looking for ways to improve our processes in order for our students to have an exceptional educational experience.

We will be contacting current full and part time students and families, in the very near future to participate in this research study. The findings of this research study will be published and made available for the general public upon its completion.

As an accredited online high school, it is important to contagiously measure quality and the advancement with the services that we provide for our students. Excel High School is always seeking ways to improve our best practices. Any questions can be directed to Mr. Mark Ulven, President, at (952) 465-3700.

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