Letting Your Child Attend Online School

The very first day of school.  It’s a big deal for both the student and the parent/guardian.  For many parents, it’s hard to let go of their child, even if it’s simply for the day.  You wonder if it’s the right decision, letting them go out into the world where anything can happen.

But for most, it’s simply a part of life.

These days, however, the paradigm is shifting.  Many students are finding themselves returning home so they can attend school.

Online school, that is.

Whether it’s because they want more freedom, they want to work more, or because of issues at school such as safety or bullying, the demand for online school is increasing in the youth of America.  And once again, parents find themselves asking if it’s the right decision.

Should they let their children attend online high school?

While our general answer is yes (surprise, surprise), we believe that many educational situations are unique.  Therefore, we’ve decided to breakdown how you can determine whether or not it’s the right choice.  It’s going to involve talking with your child.

What are Their Reasons?

Why do they want to attend online high school?  Is it because they feel it will better prepare them for college?  If so, that’s a pretty good reason.  After all, with the more flexible scheduling and independence online high school provides, it is more similar to a college environment.

On the other hand, if they want to switch to online school because they think it will be easier, that’s probably not a good reason.  For one, online school is not “easier”.  Accredited online schools have to pass the same levels of excellence that physical schools have to.  Actually, it’s debatably harder for an online school to become fully recognized.

Online school isn’t meant to be easy in terms of academics.  However, it is easier to fit into your schedule.  Different learning styles might find the teaching methods of online school easier to learn from.

Where Do They Want to Go?

Public schools (and to a degree most private schools) are restricted to the areas they operate in.  If a student lives in a certain district, that’s where they go to school.  With online school, the power of choice comes in to play.

Maybe they have their mind set on a certain online school already.  Just make sure to note that there are A LOT of fake schools and diploma mills out there trying to trick people out of their money, giving them a high school degree that is completely worthless.

However, schools like Excel High School are fully accredited and recognized by the board of education.  A diploma from us is just as good as any other diploma out there.

How are They Going to Stay Social?

Social engagement is crucial, especially for developing adolescents.  If your child is about to start doing school at home, it’s important to discuss how they will stay connected with the world.

Maybe it’s through work, or church, or still participating in extra-curricular activities in their school district.  The important thing is that they still have friends and relationships that continue to grow and develop them as a person.

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