Learning Styles in Online Education

If you’ve done any amount of school, you’ve probably heard “learning styles” mentioned, at least in passing.  A lot of people ask questions like:

What is my learning style?

How does my learning style affect my education?

What are the different learning styles?

The truth is, learning styles are a broad and pretty inclusive subject.  There are endless opinions on the topic, including how many learning styles there actually are.  Some people believe that dividing people into “learning styles” is counterproductive.

However, if you really wanted to, you could divide all the ways of learning into three categories…

Three Types of Learning

– Auditory (Hearing)

-Visual (Seeing)

-Kinesthetic (Doing)

There are further ways you can divide these groups.  For example, some people learn best through abstract thinking, others through more practical and logical thought.  But they all fall into these styles.

Typically, certain subjects tend to be geared more towards a specific type.  A history or philosophy class might rely heavily on auditory learning while an art studies or film class would naturally fall under visual learning.  Kinesthetic learning typically applies to a crafting or creation class.

While some teachers work as hard as they can to make their classes appealing to all types of learners, many teach in the same manner they learn.  Online education, however, is a bit different.

Learning Types in Online Education

At Excel, we try to make sure our online classes reach out to a variety of learning styles.  They focus heavily on both auditory and visual learning.  Because a student is free to take their classes wherever they want, they’re free to exercise their kinesthetic side however they need to.

In a traditional classroom, you may simply have to sit behind a desk for hours as the teacher talks.  With online high school, a person can stand, walk around, draw, or even step back and do some pushups if that’s what helps them focus.

The possibilities are only limited by their imagination.

And that’s why we believe Excel is a great place for all learning types and styles.

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