Is Excel High School Easy, Hard or Somewhere In-between?

Potential new students often ask the question, is Excel High School hard, or is Excel High School easy? The question regarding the rigor of our online high school courses is really subjective. Some students might find that our program seems easier, while other students might really struggle. Remember, like with anything, you will get out of our program what you put in.

As a State Department of Education recognized accredited high school, Excel’s curricula must meet or exceed the current State requirements. All of Excel High School’s courses are aligned with the State standards and are developed by subject matter experts. We offer the very same courses that are offered in the local public high schools.

Although we have never heard that our courses are “easy”, some students struggle more than others with Excel’s online courses. At Excel High School, it is our goal to prepare our graduates for success in college, university, military, employment, and life. We hope to challenge our students to grow and develop an appreciation for life-long learning. We find that students who put forth effort can master each course and progress toward high school graduation. Some students make the mistake of believing that online schools are easier than traditional schools. We would say that the opposite is true. Excel High School strives to be the best accredited online high school in the country. While we know that our courses are not easy, Excel provides all of the tools and support services required for students to be successful.

Students will find that all accredited online high school programs are challenging and hopefully very rewarding. As students’ progress in their online high school courses, they often find that the learning progress becomes easier over time. The hardest time with an online program is generally within the first 2-4 weeks as students get used to the online environment. As students’ progress in their online courses, they often find that the subject matter becomes more fluid and thereby easier to achieve mastery. We would say that for the first few weeks, our online high school program might seem hard for some students, but as time goes on, the learning process becomes easier.

When considering an accredited online high school program, you should anticipate the coursework to be challenging and at the same time very rewarding.

In general, most things we try in life for the first time often seem hard. Think about the first time you tried something new. Perhaps riding a bike, driving a car, roller skating, waterskiing, cooking, or using a computer, etc. All new things get easier over time. The important thing is to stay dedicated and motivated. Don’t give up and challenge yourself be your best. Remember the old saying, “a winner never quits and a quitter never wins”. Stay committed, stay focused and remember that completing high school is one of the most important milestones in life.

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