Is Excel High School a Real School?

There are a lot of fake online schools out there, websites that are simply diploma mills and people telling you how to “get your GED Online” when technically speaking you cannot get a GED online.

This is bad for a lot of reasons.  These website are cheating people out of money, leaving them uneducated, and making legitimate online schools look very bad.

That’s why you should always research an online school before you enroll.  We know that many of our students have googled us before signing up for classes.  Sure, it’s a little weird to see searches like “Is Excel High School legit” and “is Excel a real school”, but we’re not worried about it.


Because we are a real school.

The Real Deal

Excel High School is a nationally accredited online high school.  This means that if you earn a diploma from us, it’s a real diploma that can help get you a job or get you into college.  Maybe you just need to make up a few classes.  We can help you with that too.

But why just take our word for it?  Like we said before, there are many people who ask around online to make sure we’re real.  You can see a full review someone gave of us in response to someone’s question.

You can also watch a video that one of our former students made after receiving her Excel High School diploma:

Accreditation Isn’t Easy

Not just anyone can become an accredited school.  It takes work and the process is very thorough.  That’s why we want everyone to know that we are very real, and our degrees are legitimate.  We’re in the business of educating people and helping them live a better life.

If someone ultimately chooses to attend a different school, that is their choice and we respect that.  But we hope it’s never because they think we’re fake.

Because we are definitely not fake.

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