Excel High School – International High School Online

Excel High School- International High School Online

Are you seeking to attend an accredited American International High School, but lack the ability to travel or you cannot afford the tuition? Excel High School offers an affordable American High School education to students all over the world. Students in Singapore, UAE, China, Egypt, Kenya, Egypt, Brazil. China and Japan can attend an American High School online and earn an internationally accredited high school diploma.  We serve students in any nation.

As a member of the College Board, our students are permitted to take the SAT and ACT college entrance exams for placement into a good American University. Excel High School is Regionally and Internationally accredited by AdvancED a globally recognized accrediting agency.  AdvancED is the world’s largest education community, serving more than 30,000 public and private schools and districts across the United States and in more than 70 countries that educate over 35 million students. Accreditation matters!

Wherever you are in the world, online classes through Excel High School are available anytime. All that is required is high-speed internet access and your motivation to succeed. Excel High School serves students in over 30-nations and has students from every continent. Connect with our global community online.

Earning a high school diploma online from Excel International High School can help you to gain entrance into a prestigious university. Would you like to attend Harvard, Stanford, Yale, Princeton or Oxford?  Good grades and a college prep diploma from Excel Internal School can help you get there.   An internationally recognized high school diploma from EHS will ensure that you can use your high school diploma and that you can be proud of your accomplishment.  Our college preparatory high school diploma from Excel will prepare you for success in a university environment. Students in the college preparatory program will take four years of language arts, natural science courses, chemistry, physics, Algebra I, II, Trigonometry and Calculus, health, physical education, two years of foreign language; as well as, US History, World History, Government, Economics and other electives. Students at Excel High School will be prepared for college and university and receive a well-rounded education.

When you cannot come to America to earn an Accredited, American High School Diploma, let us bring the courses to you online. Effective September 1,st 2018, Full time tuition for Excel High School ranges from $$ 129- $299.00 USD per month depending on the program you choose. The tuition covers unlimited courses and teacher support via Skype, Google+ and email or phone. Excel High School offers standard, honors and AP courses for high school.

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