How To Tell Your Parents You Want To Go To School Online

Young people around the globe got a taste of the flexibility and lower social pressure of attending school online during the pandemic, and although some students couldn’t wait to get back to in-person classes, others wanted nothing more than to continue attending class online. If you’re one of those students for who prefer the lower social pressure and self-paced options of online school, you might be ready to talk to your parents about a change of academic environment. Excel High School has been serving our online students since 2004, and our experience has led us to some helpful tips for how to tell your parents that you want to attend online school.

Come Prepared

First of all, do your research. You will want to let your parents know about the online program’s success rate. For example, if you’re going to attend Excel High School, you’d want to let them know that our completion rate for online middle and high school students is close to 90%, a much higher success rate than most in-person schools. Additionally, be prepared to let your parents know about how the program helps you succeed. If you’ve done your research about the program you want to enroll in, then you’ll sound more mature and more serious about your decision.

Another piece of information to prepare for is the cost of the online program. Excel offers flexible monthly payment options for tuition, so no parent is burdened with paying tuition in one lump sum. By coming to the adult decision maker in your life with all the essential information, you’ll help them make a rational decision. Providing them with links that you can share so that they can be sure the information you’re giving them is correct is another important move you can make to help your parents see that you’re serious about changing schools.

Be Objective

Emotions can unexpectedly rise to the surface when we’re anxious, nervous, or feeling defensive. When an adult questions you about your reasoning or about the information you’ve worked hard to gather, you might start to feel your heart rate revving up and your emotions getting away from you. That’s okay! Take a moment to breathe and calm your body so that your mind is clear.

You won’t convince anyone of anything if you let your emotions control you instead of having a calm mind. Instead, you want to present an objective argument with facts about why you want to attend online school and about how it can benefit you. Think hard about what is true regarding your in-person school experience that would make online school a better environment for you. Be objective, not overly emotional, when you present that list to your family.

Know Yourself

Be prepared to answer questions about your strengths and weaknesses. If you’re not the most organized person, how are you going to motivate yourself in a flexible online academic program? For instance, Excel’s programs are all self-paced, meaning students and their families determine when they’ll completed their coursework, and students have 12 full months to complete their grade level but can finish early if they’d like. A plus side of that is also that if you’re the kind of student who needs a little extra time to finish your work, then you have that with an online program through EHS. Your parents will want to know how you plan to stay on track without a teacher walking around, looking over your shoulder to make sure you’re doing your work.

Another aspect to consider will be your strengths. If you’re very self-motivated and want to graduate early, you can talk to your parents about the fact that you won’t have to wait on your peers to move ahead. If you want a chance to work a part-time job, participate in special traveling sports’ leagues, or spend some time volunteering, then online school is perfect for the flexibility to fit interesting life experiences in your schedule.

Have an Open Attitude

If your parents have some advice for you or questions that they want answers to, be open to that. They care about you and want the best for you, so if they have questions, then listen to those questions and think about what they’re asking because they have life experiences that you don’t. Sometimes it can seem like they’re being picky or looking for reasons to go “against” what you’re idea is. That’s probably not true though. They just want to be sure that the decision you come to together is the absolute best decision for you and your future.

Once you process their questions and ideas, take the time to formulate a well thought out and objective response. Waiting before you respond is okay, and you can tell them, “I don’t know the answer to that, but if you give me until tomorrow, I’ll be sure to look into it.” Your parents will most likely respect the fact that you aren’t reacting negatively and are instead willing to provide them with well-researched and thoroughly considered answers to their questions. In the end, remembering that they want the best for you will help you stay calm and open to their curiosity as you approach the subject of switching to online school.

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