How to Earn College Credits in High School

In an era of soaring college tuition and mounting student debt, the push for optimizing high school education to pave pathways to college is more urgent than ever. Enter the revolutionary initiative by the American Council on Education (ACE), which empowers high school students to concurrently earn college credits, setting them on an expedited trajectory toward higher education.

Excel High School has adeptly harnessed this opportunity, offering dual enrollment online, allowing its students to earn ACE recommended credits. This not only accelerates academic progress but also delivers a compelling economic advantage by cutting down future college expenses. Dive in to discover how this transformative program is reshaping the educational journey for students, melding the high school and college experience into a seamless, cost-effective continuum.

What Are ACE College Credits?

The American Council on Education (ACE) has established a framework allowing institutions like Excel High School to offer online dual enrollment. This empowers high school students to concurrently earn college credits while satisfying their high school graduation criteria. Through this mechanism, Excel High School students can acquire ACE recommended credits, positioning them advantageously for their collegiate journey.

ACE College Credits serve as a bridge between non-traditional educational experiences and formal college education. They represent a standardized methodology to evaluate and translate work, military, or other non-classroom-based learning into potential college credits. Recognized and endorsed by the American Council on Education, these credits provide students with the opportunity to leverage their diverse experiences toward a college degree.

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Benefits of ACE College Credits

  • Credit Recognition

    ACE credits are widely recognized by many colleges and universities, facilitating easier credit transfers.

  • Cost Efficiency

    By earning credits through ACE-endorsed methods, students can save significantly on tuition costs.

  • Flexible Learning

    ACE credits often come from non-traditional learning experiences, allowing students to learn at their own pace and on their own terms.

  • Time Savings

    Earning college credits in advance can reduce the time required to complete a degree, enabling students to graduate earlier.

  • Broad Accepteance

    With over 2,000 colleges and universities recognizing ACE credits, students have a vast array of options for further education.

How Does Online Dual Enrollment Work?

At Excel High School, we've integrated ACE credits into our dual enrollment program, empowering students to concurrently earn college credits while working towards their high school diploma.

Under this program, students have the option to enroll in:

  1. 1.) Lower-level college courses, each granting 3-semester credits.
  2. 2.) General education courses, also providing 3-semester credits.

College courses are comprised of required general education credits, including Math, Science, English, Humanities, and others that are not part of required classes specific to your diploma. Many students will go to a community college to try and take some of these classes, but online high school students can get credit for these college courses while simultaneously finishing the requirements for their high school diploma.

Students get a jump start on their college careers, which can have a significant impact on the rest of their lives.

At Excel High School, we allow juniors and seniors, with a minimum of 12 credits, to apply for dual enrollment with ACE credits. The student will be taking their college courses alongside their high school courses, accelerating their future in the post-secondary process.

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What Classes Are Offered Through The ACE Credits Program?

ACE Credits online offer numerous courses that high school students can take online at the same time that they’re earning their high school diplomas.

The courses that are available and offer college credits are:

  • • American Government
  • • American Literature I
  • • Bankruptcy
  • • Biology
  • • Business Communication Skills
  • • College Algebra
  • • Criminal Law
  • • English Composition
  • • Introduction to Business
  • • Introduction to Law
  • • Legal Terminology
  • • Personal Injury Law (Torts)
  • • Principles of Accounting
  • • Principles of Economics
  • • Principles of Macroeconomics
  • • Principles of Management
  • • Principles of Marketing
  • • Principles of Microeconomics
  • • Psychology
  • • Sociology
  • • U.S. History

Adults that are finishing their high school diploma online can also benefit from the dual enrollment option. Multiple class options are available.

Excel High School offers dual enrollment online that helps students save time and money when seeking their degree. Students earn ACE credits online that help high schoolers earn lower-level and general education credits before they even have a high school diploma.

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