How Excel Can Help Chronically Ill Students

From keeping track of appointments and records to the looping worries in your brain, if your child is experiencing a chronic illness, you’ve got a lot on your shoulders. With enrollment in online schooling, you can wipe one of those worries away. Online schools provide an opportunity for your chronically ill student to continue working on their academics with increased flexibility and an extended schedule that accommodates their special circumstances.

One study published in 2022 revealed that hospitalized-homebound students enrolled full-time in online classes experienced similar academic performance to those who were not categorized as hospitalized-homebound. This research, available now because of the spread of online schooling, provides hope to families facing chronic conditions. Some of the benefits of online academics through programs like those offered through Excel Middle and High School include flexibility in location, flexibility of schedule, and the option for an extended school year. Programs like ours can help keep your student learning while at the same time keeping them safe.

Location Options

When your student is enrolled full time at Excel, they can work on their courses anyplace where they have access online. This means that if appointments take you further away from home than usual, your child can continue working on classes as they feel up to it. Even if your child is hospitalized for extended testing, they will be able to continue their coursework when they feel ready.

This relieves a lot of pressure that a traditional brick-and-mortar school might place on your child. All of the work your student has to do is listed in front of them on their screen. There is no surprise make-up work like there can be in a traditional academic setting. 

Flexible Schedule

Our programs also offer the most flexible schedule around. Not only can your child work on their courses when they feel up to it, but they have the option of focusing on one or two classes at a time. Full time students are assigned a full load of classes, but how you complete those classes is up to you.

his option offers a great solution to students struggling with academics due to illness. If your child is sick for weeks at a time, it can become impossible for them to keep up with six classes at a time. Excel allows students to determine what works best for them.

Some students prefer working on all six courses at once, even putting in longer hours four days a week so that they have a full three days off each week. Others prefer working shorter hours seven days a week. We have students who prefer working on one class at a time to help them stay focused; others work on two or three. The flexibility our programs offer can be a safety net for a student who is struggling to keep up because of health issues.

Extended School Year

Another way that our programs are flexible is through an extended school year. Rather than expecting your student to complete their work with the timespan of a traditional school year, we provide students with a full 12 months to complete a grade level. This system is far more forgiving for students who have chronic health issues. If your child is sick for an extended period of time and can’t complete their work, you’ve got the wiggle room to focus on their health without worrying about academics becoming an anxiety inducing burden.

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