How Does Online School Work?

Chances are you’ve heard of online education.  In fact, lately, you’ve probably heard about it quite frequently.

After all, it’s one of the fastest growing markets in the world.

But even though you know OF online education, you might not understand how it works.  People often fear or shun what they don’t understand.  So please, allow us to illuminate you on the online schooling process.

Just So You Know…

To an extent, online education differs depending on what it’s for, where it’s at, etc.  This is a generalization of how it typically works.

In the Beginning

Online school starts with application and enrollment.  While this is standard procedure for college, people who have always attended public school might be less familiar.  Don’t worry, for most online high schools, acceptance requirements are not strict and spots are not limited.

The application process is more to gather your information and make sure your records are in order.  Once you’ve been admitted, it’s time to make some choices.

Selecting Classes

You may have noticed that so far, the process of online school isn’t too far removed from brick-and-mortar school.  However, when selecting online classes, you might discover a certain amount of freedom not available in traditional school.

In a typical school, classes are limited to how many teachers are available, what funding the district has, what resources are in the school, etc.

With online education, the selection of classes tends to be much more varied as funding less tied up and teachers are available across the nation.  Of course many types of classes are still required such as math, science, English, etc.  Even still, you may find more variety than you’re used to.

A Schedule to Fit Your Schedule

Classes are taken from your computer.  Typically, this will involve a combination of videos, text, pictures, etc.  It’s surprisingly immersive, as if you’re sitting in the class.  The biggest difference is that you don’t have to take the class at a specific time.

You can do it in the morning.  You can do it at night.  The choice is yours.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re removed from all deadlines.  You still have required periods in which you must take the classes.  This is so students don’t fall too far behind or try to get further ahead than they should.

What About Tests?

Tests are also done online.  However, for the sake of accountability, a proctor is usually required.  A variety of people can act as a proctor (find a more complete description here).  The proctor is there to make sure that rules for the test are followed.

Would You Like to Know More?

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