Getting A Letter Of Recommendation From An Online School

If you’re headed to college soon, then you’re probably preparing all your important documents, writing the dreaded college essays, and gathering letters of recommendations from trusted adults. But what about if you’re an online student and interact minimally with your instructors? At Excel High School, we work with students like you year round, and our experience has led us to some important tips to share with online students wondering about how to go about asking for a letter of recommendation from their teachers.

Be Mindful of Your Online Presence

As a student in an online school, you might not have too many personal interactions with your instructor, and it’s very likely that you will communicate primarily through email. Because of this, you want to be sure to always represent yourself well through this form of communication. 

This means that you need to know how to write a well-formatted email, you will want to always be respectful, and you will want to read over the written communication before you hit send. If email is going to be the main way that your instructors know you, then you want to leave the most positive impression through your emails as you can.

Additionally, make yourself known to your instructor. Ask them questions about the class and be personable with them. Your email is being answered by a human being, so treat them that way! They will appreciate the interaction with you, and you will be more likely to stand out to them in a positive way, too.

Participate in Virtual Activities

Excel High School hosts live virtual sessions where students can talk to their Success Coaches, Administrators, and other students. By participating in this type of session, you can get to know the staff at your school, and then it will be much easier to ask them for a letter of recommendation because they will actually know a bit about you. These types of online school sponsored activities are a great way to socialize with the people involved in your academic life and get to know students taking the same courses as you. 

Different online schools offer a variety of virtual meet-and-greet types of activities, so check out what your school offers, when the next meeting is, and put it on your calendar as one of the ways you need to prep for college admissions.

Talk to Your Admissions Counselor About Your Options

If you’re still unsure about who to turn to for a letter of recommendation from your school, ask the admissions counselor from the college or university where you’re applying for their take on the situation. The admissions counselors have seen it all! As an online student, reaching out to them and asking what they would suggest you do is a great way to let them know a bit about you and to get the best possible advice from the source itself. 

When it comes to Excel’s student options for letters of recommendations, you can always get to know and request a letter from your academic success coach. That’s the person who you’ve probably worked with the most closely as a student with EHS, and since they’ve been personally invested in your academic progress since day one, they’re a great resource for this type of letter.

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