Fun Extracurricular Activities For Your Online Student

Parents understand how important it is to get their online students out of the house and involved in exciting extracurricular activities. Extracurricular activities help students build their interests, social skills, and community engagement. If your goal is to get your online student motivated and involved with either online or in-person activities, here is a list of ideas covering a wide array of interests to appeal to your student.

NASA’s Internship Programs

Yep, you read that right. NASA allows high school aged students to apply to be interns and contribute to the agency with the guidance of a NASA mentor. In order to participate in the internship, your student has to have a 3.0 GPA, and the opportunities are available across all NASA facilities and are scheduled in the fall, spring, and summer. Not only is this a paid internship, but it is also a unique opportunity for a student who is interested in aeronautics and has a strong academic foundation.

United Planet Virtual Internship & Volunteer Quests

The Go Abroad Challenge offers online study abroad, online volunteer, and online internship programs. Their online study abroad program offers 154 different programs that allow your student to “see the world from the comfort of your own home!” This program removes the serious financial constraints that prevent some young people from learning about their global community. Internship and volunteer work are limited to students after graduation, so it’s something to work toward and look forward to senior year.


4-H has been around for a long time, providing unique opportunities for young people. Today, 4-H programs and resources are available both locally in-person, at home, and through 4-H camps. Because young people from ages 8-18 can get involved in lots of individual or group opportunities for 4-H projects, it’s ideal for online students. 4-H is available nationwide, and finding your local 4-H club is simple. With programs about STEM & Agriculture, Healthy Living, & Civic Engagement, 4-H has something for just about everyone. 

Boys & Girls Club of America

The Boys & Girls Club of America is another great youth organization that offers opportunities for activity and volunteering. They offer sports & recreation, education, the arts, health & wellness, and workforce readiness programs. They’ve got some important programs specifically for teens ages 14-18. RBI is training for youth softball leagues, diplomas2Degrees is a college readiness program, and Keystone Club offers leadership development. Teens can also volunteer to work with younger students and be mentors to other youth in their community.

Art Club

This online Art Club is a great way to share their special artistic talents. From painting, digital creations, dance, and vocal talents, Art Club has it all. Young people can socialize online with each other or collaborate on projects. Hosted by Discord, over 23,000 young creatives have found a place to feel at home with their artistic peers. Art Club gives the opportunity to members to auction off their work, collect art from other young people, engage in community run challenges, participate in “art battles,” and be inspired by daily art prompts to get their creative ideas flowing.

Get out there!

Online school doesn’t mean that your student can’t participate in lots of unique activities. In fact, the flexible schedule of online programs can provide even more opportunities for your students to explore the world around them, volunteer, and hone their talents. 

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